On the day the construction for Shri #RamJanmbhoomi temple starts, here's a 4 minute video, brilliantly presented by @NEWJplus, summarizing the Ayodhya dispute.
Watch & share.
Want to know why and how the #RanJanmbhoomi case was stuck in courts for more than a hundred years? Here's a 5 minute explainer video by the good folks at @NEWJplus.
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Almost 3 lakh people gathered in Ayodhya in December, 1992 & the disputed structure at #RamJanmbhoomi site was brought down.
But have you ever wondered who there #karsevaks were & what motivated them? Watch & share this another amazing video by @NEWJplus.
A large number of women, who played an active role in the #RamJanmbhoomi movement, were led by two prominent women- @DidiRitambhara and @umasribharti, who changed the dynamics of the temple movement.
@NEWJplus chronicles their journey in #Ayodhya movement
And finally, the man who brought the #RamJanmbhoomi movement to mainstream political discourse, Shri Lal Krishna Advani, whose famous #RathYatra is a watershed moment in Indian politics.
Watch this brilliant video on Advaniji & Ayodhya by @NEWJplus.

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