The numbers are in after states like FL &TX opened up weeks ago while Progressives shrieked loudly about huge coming spikes of infections & deaths in those red states.

The #’s not only stayed low...THEY FELL.

But here’s what’s Progressives are doing:
This is what happens when an ideologue climbs into a narrative and locks himself into it from the inside and then throws away the key.

And you wonder why these people lose to Trump?
There is no key. They locked themselves and they threw it away.
There is no way out.

They will spend the next 5 months relentlessly gaslighting about mass infections & deaths from the virus in FL & other open states while the #’s CONTINUE to drop.

As they simultaneously fight to keep blue states locked down.
Because if you had any doubts this “open vs. stay locked down” debate has nothing to do with public safety, it is all about the election in November, is it not becoming increasingly clear to you?
And while Progressives are wailing & carrying on about huge spikes in infections & deaths in red open states that aren’t happening, we’re learning WHY the infection/deaths were so much higher in blue states like NY, NJ & MI.
Democrat governors deliberately SENT infected people into the nursing homes by executive orders, long after it was settled science this virus was far more lethal to the elderly, especially if they had other health issues.
These governors were believing the doomsday models that wrongly predicted their states’ hospitals were about to be deluged & overwhelmed & so the governors sending CCP virus people to nursing homes would free up desperately needed hospital beds.
Here’s why you can’t reach these people and all you can do is ensure they are exiled at last into the political wilderness, if not for all time, at least until the massive damage they have done to this country is healed.

It’s a cult that rewrites history.
But understand this, don’t miss it, the big point:

These people are now so self-deluded they are LITERALLY a real and present danger to the rest of us.
If this pandemic did not graphically show you why you cannot CONTINUE to place brainwashed cultists in charge of your city, your state or your country by electing them to power over you, then nothing will.
Understand: Democrats have reached a point where their being voted out of power is a NECESSITY for America’s survival and security.
That party is now inescapably in the grip of people like the giggling ditz eating her expensive gourmet ice cream in front of her two $24k fridges as she celebrates her coalition literally holding a vital relief bill hostage during a national emergency to add a wish list to it.
You cannot reason with a Nancy Pelosi, an Adam Schiff or a Gerrold Nadler.

They are too far gone into their delusions.

All you can do is take the gavel back from Pelosi and the chairmanship of their committees fro Schiff & Nadler.

You take POWER from them.
Here’s where the poseurs will show up and the concern trolls to lament how powerless we all are, how we’ve already lost, our country is doomed, Democrats rigged the game, I’m wasting everyone’s time even talking about fighting these people & throwing them out of power.

Take your stupid act elsewhere. I can’t stand poseurs. They’re useless.

If we’re all doomed already, Mr. Poseur, explain how this “miracle” happened?
Trump beat Hillary’s ass like a drum fair and square in that 2016 election.

How’d THAT happen if Democrats have rigged the system & the war’s already over and we lost it?

Trump beat them four years ago when they not only had every advantage, they were CHEATING.
This time Trump has all the advantages and he’s going against a babbling disoriented opponent with mental issues.

BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER, the poseurs loudly assure me. The Democrats will make sure they cheat enough to steal it this time!
I’m assured by these concern trolls that Democrats are going to ride a massive wave of vote fraud this November as they hold the House, flip the Senate and put babbling Dementia Joe in the White House.

A popular mass movement to toss tyrannical Dems out of office won’t matter.
What these poseurs and concern trolls are trying to tell you is: YOU VOTING DOESN’T MATTER.

“You may as well stay home, because your vote won’t matter, they’ll steal it anyway, they always do, you can’t stop it & hey don’t I look so COOL posing here in front of you?” 😎
Well no, you don’t look cool. You look like total moron standing there, arms folded across your chest, your head tilted at an angle, your sunglasses (which you even wear indoors) making you look even more ridiculous.
Trump set records in the primaries running unopposed.

And now Democrats running these blue states like petty tyrants will continue stoking the growing white hot rage building within THEIR OWN VOTERS for the next five months.
You know who’s going to take full advantage of that growing white hot anger in the blue states?

This guy.

Did you know, Mr. Poseur, what this guy’s special super power is?

It’s convincing angry disenfranchised Dem voters into voting for HIM.
He’s very smart how he uses this super power of his.

It’s how he won in 2016.

And you’re trying to tell me he’s lost his mojo and it’s IMPOSSIBLE for him to do it again.

So let me tell you this, Mr. Poseur before I toss your ass out the door.

I don’t believe you.
Take your worthless message of defeat, cynicism and futility and GTFO.

You are not wanted here among the fighters.
When you fight, you fight to WIN.

The Democratic Party must be shown no electoral mercy. None.

Anything that would prevent a total and complete overwhelming red wave election must be discarded.
So when people try to tell me this massive building red wave, that’s going be even bigger by November as millions of former Democrats cross over, doesn’t matter because it WILL be cancelled out by an even BIGGER blue wave of vote fraud, it pisses me off.
These people aren’t thinking. That’s how you know they’re poseurs.

Vote fraud allows you to steal a close election. We’re talking 2-3 points at the MOST.
Mike Garcia just won in CA even WITH mail in voting by 12+ points.

That’s about nine points above even the MOST ambitious vote fraud methods Democrats use.
Why didn’t Democrat’s just wave their magic “Vote Fraud” wand and invent 13 pts worth of fake ballots for the D candidate?

Well, sure, they would hav, if vote fraud works the way the poseurs imagine it does.
They picture some Dem bigwig in a back room picking up a phone on Election Day & saying “ Yeah the other guy is 6,000 votes ahead. I need you to deliver 7,000 ballots for our guy...”
When a couple thousands ballots get harvested AFTER Election Day, that’s how they flipped a bunch of close races in CA in 2018.

Do you know why they can’t do that this time?
Because the Supreme Court established a PRECEDENT in a Wisconsin case in April. A tub of ballots was found after Election Day was over. Of course, Dems wanted these ballots to be counted.

The GOP sued.

Guess what the outcome was?
In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that ballots counted by the clerk as official election totals had to be in by the close of election day or postmarked on that day.

If a ballot was not in by Election Day or postmarked that day, it CANNOT be counted.
Now...prepare yourself for a shock.

Democrats never know how many fake votes they have to come up with to steal a close race UNTIL the first initial count is done after all the polls close and Election Day is over.

This Supreme Court ruling changed EVERYTHING.
Democrats favorite dirty trick of waiting until the Election Day was over, waiting for the initial count, and then manufacturing the required # of votes to flip a close contest was just taken away from them.
The Supreme Court cannot allow CA or NV to count ballots not cast on or postmarked by Election Day if they just said this can’t be done in Wisconsin.

That’s what establishing precedent means.
Democrats vote fraud systems were created to steal close elections after the election is over and the votes have counted. THAT was the point the fraud machinery kicked into gear.

They have a target number. They know how many they need.
They won’t have that information beforehand this time.

They’re going in blind. They really have no idea how many fake votes they’d need.

The gaps in the races will be bigger than ever before but they have no idea HOW BIG.
Chunks of their own base have either crossed over to Trump or won’t show to save the Dems asses on Election Day.

So any vote fraud they attempt has to be done by by or on that election day itself.

And like I said...they have NO IDEA how many they’ll really need.
As the next 5 months unfold, and Trump holds his massive rallies and Sleepy Joe craters in half filled gyms and turns into a pathetic afterthought sideshow, millions of former Democrats will be getting ready to send Pelosi & Co. a never-to-be-forgotten historic message.
Concern trolls don’t understand Trump.

They paint a picture of Trump being some kinda passive victim, a tool of fate. There’s a huge threat out there he’s blind to, he has no agency to act & save himself.

They enthusiastically explain this to you.
Oh well, kindly allow ME to enthusiastically explain something to you about Trump some kind of passive victim of fate.

Far from a passive victim with no agency to affect his own fate, Trump is the master of his destiny.

You think YOU have better grasp than Trump does what happens to both him AND his family if he loses this election and/or the Dems flip the Senate & hold the House?
NOBODY has a better grasp what it means if he loses this election than Donald J. Trump.

This guy is problem solver. He takes seemingly IMPOSSIBLE tasks and finds a way.

He’s going tirelessly work to get the 270 electoral votes he needs, just like he did last time.
Stop with the passive victim bullshit.

This guy is NOBODY’S passive victim.

He’s going BUILD VOTER ENTHUSIASM to an astonishing level like this country has never before seen.

Democrat vote fraud efforts will be smashed like matchsticks by a towering red wave.
How many of you even knew this was going on?
I'm willing to bet about 99% of my own followers didn't even KNOW about that April Supreme Court ruling taking away the Democrats usual post-election day ballot harvesting and the precedent it set until ***I TOLD THEM ABOUT IT***.
There are people out there who do nothing all day but invent narratives they peddle to get people good and scared.

And they do it for eyeballs, clicks and views. For the $$$.

Some of them are even trying to help.

They think TERRIFYING people into action is the best way.
Why aren't those people telling you about the post office reforms?

Why aren't those people telling you about the Supreme Court cases?

Well I know why. I know why they don't tell you.

It would be bad for business.
Trump's an optimist. He got elected in 2016 by talking about promises, hope and love.

That's what he's going to do again.

And it'll work again this time, too.

And you can quote me on that.

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