#SaifeeHospital charge Rs 9000 for #PPE per check up by doctors. This charging Rs 27,000 per day to one patient just for #PPE against govt order that PPE amount to be divided among all patients in the ward! @sanjaynagral #JanSwasthyaAbhiyan
Nobel Hospital in Pune charge gave Rs7.98 lakh bill to family of the patient after he dies due to #Covid_19india! @MahaDGIPR @Info_Pune
@KEM Pune handed over Rs 3.52lakh to retired sanitation worker of @PMCPune. Barring insurance amount, patient had to pay Rs98000. Patient also complained of maltreatment by the hospital staff.
#KJSomaiya Hospital didnot bother to explain about Rs 1.36lakh bill apart from Rs70K it charged to the patient.
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