I don't know...having eggs/milk/onions to sell says that these folk are far from poverty - they are growing food. I don't know who decided that selling farm produce = poverty. https://twitter.com/wakariowa/status/1264971887865667586
I have sold produce out of the boot of my car. Granted it wasn't a BMW/Merc blah blah, at that point, the type of car isn't top of mind, but the fact that I need to get a market for stuff I have invested in growing.
Also, assuming that these people are out of work, how is their selling their farm produce a shameful thing?
Even in non-COVID times every mkulima has experienced this. Broker anakupea bei useless unaamua hizo nyanya unazipeleka Nairobi kwa boot na back seat ya gari. Most farmers huuza vitu kwa neighbours https://twitter.com/OnyangoRachael/status/1265220089625948161
I remember when I was doing horticulture, every other week I would be announcing to my peeps what's on for the week:
- Onions!
- Watermelon!
- Tomatoes!
If I am driving to the farm anyway, why not bring back stuff for sale.
A fantastic thread on this issue
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