characters from my childhood that are lgbt because i said so, a thread 😼😼
pj duncan - good luck charlie
horrid henry - horrid henry
perfect peter - horrid henry
moody margaret - horrid henru
silly simon - horrid henry
bossy bill - horrid henry
spongebob - spongebob squarepants
squidward - spongebob squarepants
sandy - spongebob squarepants
patrick - spongebob squarepants
sam - icarly
carly - icarly
freddie - icarly
gibby - icarly
spencer - icarly
beck - victorious
jade - victorious
cat - victorious
robbie - victorious
andre - victorious
sikowitz - victorious
peppa - peppa pig
george - peppa pig
daddy pig - peppa pig
mummy pig - peppa pig
susie sheep - peppa pig
i have more should i add more
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