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How must it be if you are the 23-year-old son of MJ, have vitiligo yrself and still have to watch that the world is still making fun of yr dad, that he would have made himself white? Woah 😞 Today this world really pisses me off - THREAD
/2 I saw Taj’s live chat. What he said about Prince having Vitiligo too left me crying 😞
Vitiligo is the key to understanding why the media managed to caricature MJ as a weirdo who wanted to get rid of his own skin color!
/3 If MJ had not suffered from this disease, the media would NOT have been able to destroy this innocent man’s life like this! Because then at least the black community would have continued to believe 100% in MJ and support him! So the field was left to the racists!!!
/4 Just an example: The creator of that disgusting "White MJ or Black MJ" was a person of color. 27 years after MJ reported having Vitiligo to the world!! DISGUSTING!!! Shame on you!!!
/5 in my eyes - Vitiligo damaged MJ's fate much more than all the accusations put together! They would have been on infertile ground if the media hadn't had an easy job of asserting that the man was capable of anything - he could even make himself white!!! Corrosive!!
/6 NOT sorry 4 my words! I woke up feeling that I hate America! It is NOT the country of free speech but the country of institutional stupidity of its own people! They believe in things that are technically impossible! How can u not now think that u are dealing with flatearthers?
/7 It is perfectly clear that white racists and dirty pedo monsters defamed the innocent MJ! BECAUSE HE REFUSED to play their game! But the defamations succeeded because large sections of the black community began to believe that the man could have made himself white! HOW???
/8 How could MJ live under these disastrous circumstances?! FATAL! It's a miracle that he still managed to look good! Despite vitiligo, despite lupus! And people still can't think of anything except chop around on his skin color???
Your EDUCATION system is TV or what?!?!
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