Just one thing: never go “girlish” with your business. Sexism not intended.


• Impulsive
• Irrational
• Emotional
• Blind.

Let's get things straight – It's a thread...
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Regardless of how dead-ended or sudden, or (whatever the situation may be), never engage yourself in impulsive decisions.

The girlish habit leaves you to throw caution in the air, lose grip of the moment, and take decisions you actually haven't thought through.

You find yourself subjected to impulses gotten from on-the-scene situations. If you do this often, you'll lose real money. You'll get burnt.


Never allow your emotions get into your business dealings...
If you find yourself trapped herein often, ...discover how much opportunities you have lost, how much time you've wasted, or worse case scenario, how much money you have lost.

Stay void of emotions whenever you find yourself in situations of decision-making for the...
growth of your business.

Needless to mention why marketers employ the use of emotional appeal when doing their thing.


Not to sound offensive, already stated that this thread isn't in anyway aimed at portraying sexism, but the girlish habit sometimes make one lose his or her ability to reason logically.

The odds are there, think! What will be will never be if you've chosen not to...
...think things through properly. Don't stake your money in matters you aren't convinced to have thought logically about.

Impulsive habits will deprive you of all thinking possibilities. Being irrational makes you think without logic.

Irrational thoughts leave your plans exposed to faults, halts, drawbacks, and sometimes, ultimate failure.

Regardless of how close your deadline may be, never get irrational.


...imagine seeing this thread and chose to disregard it. It simply means you've chosen to be BLIND.

Everything, every happening, every occurrence in your business, in your space, in your daily activity matters, and deserves to be weighed, examined, etcetera.

Never turn blind eyes to anything. Even if there are no solutions yet, never imagine it doesn't exit. Because, of a truth, they DO.

Your business is a car; your decisions and habits, the fuel.

What you do now, affects your business, and determines how far it will thrive...
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