questions we have about ned @tylerrjoseph @joshuadun
is ned domesticated?
is ned an invasive species?
is ned a hybrid of penguins?
what is the plural of ned?
do neds swim in pods?
do neds migrate?
are neds endangered?
do neds solely survive on water?
is an urban area neds natural habitat or is the wild?
what happens when you put ned captivity?
what does ned eat that’s not chlorine?
is a pool neds natural habitat or does he just live in abandon places?
what is neds defense mechanism?
does ned have any natural predators?
neds eyes face forward which means that he is a predator not a prey, what does he hunt?
what adaptation does ned have that makes him able to drink chlorine?
what is neds lifespan?
because ned can consciously play instruments what is his IQ?
can ned talk?
does ned have gills or lungs?
does ned need oxygen from water like fish?
is there a female version of ned?
is ned nocturnal?
can ned grow taller than 4’9?
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