Remember when Jimmy Fallon let his guests body-shame Taylor Swift on his show last year and he too joined in on the laughing and did the same?

He’s is a racist and is finally being cancelled for doing a blackface.
Tayvoodoo came for him omg #JimmyFallonIsOverParty
Jimmy did black face back in 2000, it may be years ago but he never addressed it or apologised for doing it and deserves to be cancelled. #jimmyfallonisoverparty
If y’all d!ckheads in my mentions found this funny and say it’s “not body shaming” you’re a disgusting assh0le with a sick mindset that need to shvt the fvck up.
A woman’s body is not up for anybody’s discussion especially when they’ve gone through an eating disorder and if y’all think that’s okay stream my fancam to celebrate being a disgusting cvnt <3
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