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Total confirmed cases continue to rise, the growth rate of ACTIVE cases = 4.9% - so doubling in 14 days.
How are total cases and active cases growing?
- At similar rates.
The CDGR = 10.79%
1) Total cases in hotspot countries (>100K cases)
2) Total deaths in hotspot countries (>3000 deaths)
How are countries recovering?
Total cases = Active + Recovered + Deaths
Yet to peak: US, UK, Russia, Brazil, India
How are ACTIVE cases growing?
COVID death rate per million people:
1) low and rising: India, Japan
2) high and rising: UK, Sweden, US, Canada
How are Indian states doing?
1) MH remains alarming: active cases continue to grow...
2) BR, KA, KL, AS...large increases in active cases
3) 11th largest number of cases from: UNKNOWN!
Where are new cases coming from? 5 Day moving average of new cases:
1) MH share in NEW cases significantly higher than share in total cases.
2) AP, AS: record their highest ever daily new cases
How are ACTIVE cases growing across states?
1) High and growing speed: AS, KL
2) High and slowing: BR, KA
Testing in states: confirmed positive cases per 100 tests
COVID death rate per million people, across states of India.
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