Covid-19 India Top States, as on 2020-May-26, Cumulative Daily Cases
#COVID19 #COVID2019indi1 #dataviz
Covid-19, India: Top States, Net Active cases
Great Day again. Net cases showing for slower rate!
#COVID19 #COVID2019india #dataviz
Daily cases and Moving Averages
Red - Confirmed, Blue - Recovered and Black - Deceased
State wise - Daily Active Cases, 7 Day moving avg
State wise, 2000+ cases , Confirmed, Active, Recovered and Deceased
Cat Paw Chart! State wise and top districts!
#COVID19 #COVID2019india #dataviz using Descartes circles!! #dataviz
State wise how the Confirmed and Recovered go..
COVID-19 India Positivity Rate vs Growth of Cases! Here is how it looks and bubble size represents the daily confirmed cases.
Higher Positivity and the bigger bubble means not enough testing
Lower Positivity and smaller bubble is desirable
#COVID19 #COVID2019india #dataviz
COVID-19: 4 - Quadrant Performance Analysis of Top States! #dataviz #COVID19India
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