1/4) I was thinking about why conservatives are united, but democrats/libertarians are a clusterfuck of false Scotsmen

I think the answer is as simple as leadership. C's have more internal ideological diversity than D's or L's, but they have a leader with broad support https://twitter.com/zxq9_notits/status/1265108751276625921
2/4) To me this suggests the inverse hierarchy problem with Marxism isn't the fault of the ideology *itself* but is rather a consequence of a property of human nature.

That is, in order for Marxism to be implemented on a grand scale, there needs to be leadership and therefore...
3/4) ...a hierarchy of leadership.

The intersectional idea is interesting in this paradigm. The core effective claim of intersectionality is that superimposing the hierarchy and inverse hierarchy means they cancel out

Even if that doesn't work, it's still a neat idea
4/4) Fans of military history I'm sure have a lot to say about hierarchies. Looking at you @zxq9_notits
5/4) Fans of topology and computer science can comment on the problem with inverting dependency trees
6/4) The real question is does intersectionality favor or oppose the axiom of choice? Zorn's lemma and the Hausdorff maximality theorem would seem to pose tough issues for intersectionality
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