[Their] Plot laid bare in plain sight

In a graphic novel in 1989

You may know Alan Moore from “Watchmen”

In “From Hell”

he straight up lays out [their] plans for the 20th Century via [$atanic] rituals performed by Jack the Ripper.

Strap in, Anons.
2/ The plot of “From Hell” is based on the theory that Jack the Ripper (JtR) committed murders as part of [$atanic] rituals to usher in the horrific atrocities of the 20th Century

This is probably the darkest book I’ve read - period

I discovered #Qanon & this book came to mind:
3/ The incomparable @austere1717 has discussed [their] symbolism at length

In FROM HELL, JtR literally gives a random man (too dumb understand) a tour of all of the evil symbols in London - and their horrific conclusion

The premise of this book is that JtR is the Royal Doctor
4/ Bear with me: I’m doing this live & will be back in a bit, but here’s the premise in a nutshell

JtR is committing atrocities for the Royals to avoid the scandal of a bastard child

JtR (Dr. Gull) is part of a [$atanic] org & takes advantage of the situation for an evil ritual
5/ So JtR takes this dummy throughout England, showing all the evil structures throughout, including several obelisks & their pagan origin

I’ll let the writing speak for itself, & show you the journey and its horrific conclusion

Apologies - you’ll have to zoom to read.

6/ Critical point - as JtR goes through town, he’s consulting a map & has a pen

Make sure you read the text in the lower left hand corner
7/ Side note: the graphic novel was made into a movie starring Johnny Depp.

Johnny also appeared in another thread of mine - he was in “Fear & Loathing” which openly discussed the use of:

Adren0chr0me 🤮

Interesting movie choices, Johnny-boy

8/ I’ll let this page speak for itself - but another [landmark] as JtR takes the dummy along

(“They don’t hide it”)

Also: think of the insane amount of time poured into capturing the details of these [landmarks] in this historic city

Is this book a warning? Or mocking us?
9/ *Critical point*

10/ The tour goes on and on...

More symbolism & explanation of Paganism
11/ Another one meriting a close-up

B a a l

“These people are SICK”
12/ Getting sicker, read closely:

“After the Great Fire...” they chained the dome of St. Paul - as ancients did to “bind their power”

“The center of Masonic Lore”

When was the Great Fire?

1666 🤮

Burning Cathedral - sound familiar? 😳

13/ Almost there - he asks the dummy to help him with the map and [landmarks]

You can see where this is going...

These people worship 5atan...
14/ There it is

Evil symbols deliberately organized around the city, the Cathedral chained

15/ Now: remember what JtR said at the beginning

Serving his own evil purpose

“Deliver half this population into sIavery”...

But at whose behest?

16/ Look familiar?

A nice “joke” about human sacrif!ce thrown in the first article I found about it

And I believe it was @CarrollQuigley1 or @austere1717 where I saw this room was used by Lady Gag-a for a music video

17/ Aha - correction. @CarrollQuigley1 pointed me to the awesome @SeekerOTL who wrote about this very hotel

Thank you Carroll!


https://twitter.com/seekerotl/status/1121568407713910785?s=21 https://twitter.com/seekerotl/status/1121568407713910785
18/ So final sick twist in this story

Timeline: JtR hit in late 1888 (again with those triple digits)

At the same time, Moore points out that this may have been the time of conception for a certain person who became the face of Ultimate Evil

Whose birthday was 9 months later
19/ Almost done - I had to cut off some of the German-language convo because the artist often leaves nothing to the imagination 😐

The timing certainly could work

20/ In summary:

[They] worship 5atan
“Symbolism will be their downfall”
“They don’t hide it from you
They don’t fear you”

Alan Moore showed this in 1989.

As @40_head & @austere1717 & others have pointed out: [they] have been doing this for centuries - in the open


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