Atheists raised in a christian culture remain christian atheists even once they shed christianity.

That said christian culture, as the default, is hard to nail down so here are some examples.
1) Holidays: in many countries Christmas is just assumed as off when to nonchristians there's nothing really going on that day. Even new years is relatively christian normative.
2) The year is officially 2020 to all of you. This is a christian based dating system. The Jewish calendar is in the year 5780.
3) Forgiveness as mandatory is a christian value. You do not have to forgive people who hurt you and it is on them to earn not required of you.
4) Martyrdom is very much Christian. Being hurt and suffering for your cause as a sign of dedication is very much an extension of this.
5) The intertwining of religion and faith: not all religions require belief to belong. This is a particularly christian assumption to make.
6) Hell is actually a christian invention that doesn't really exist in ssy Judaism. The fear of hell as an assumption comes from a christian cultural background too.
These are all normalized as part of christian hegemony. It is the default and to deviate is abnormal. That said this list is not exhaustive but just some of the universal ways christian hegemony affects people's lives on a day to day basis and the assumptions we make.
This actually ties in well to my Theo's post on why many atheists in western countries are still culturally christian so if you want to read more, here it is:
My friend Theo's* lol
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