Until recently, it was believed that the earliest ancient Egyptian mummies were created naturally due to the environment, but, artificial mummification occurred 1,500 years earlier than first thought...

Here is what I know how the process was completed....
1) The first step was to let the people know the death of the Pharaoh. A messenger was sent out to the streets to announce the death. This allowed people to get themselves ready for
mourning period and ceremony that followed the announcement...
2) The body was then taken to the tent known as 'Ibu' (place of purification). The embalmers wash the body with clean smelling palm wine and rinse it with water from the Nile.
3) After the cleansing, the liver, lungs, stomach and intestines are removed and washed then packed in natron (salt) to dry them out. The heart is NOT taken out of the body because they believe it is the center of intelligence and will be needed in the afterlife.
4) Next comes the drying process. The body is placed on a slab and covered with either nacron or natron salt. The slab was tilted so that the fluids would run into a basin preventing rot. The body was taken outside and let dry
for 40 days...
5) Next is wrapping the body..a painstaking process. The body was anointed with sacred oils, and a gold piece with the Eye of Horus was placed over the slit in the abdomen. Hundreds of yards of linen were used to wrap the body, and each toe/finger was wrapped individually.
6) During the wrapping, charms, amulets, and inscribed pieces of
papyrus were placed between each layer of bandage. Egyptians believed that these charms had magical
properties that would protect and bring luck to the body. The Eye of Horus (symbol of protection), was used..
7) The wrapping process would be stopped at intervals to allow priests to say prayers and write sacred text on the linen. A final shroud was placed on the mummy to keep all the wrappings together.
8) in the final process of the wrapping, the arms and legs are tied together. A papyrus scroll with spells from the Book of the Dead is placed between the wrapped hands.
9) A final ceremonial cloth is wrapped around the body with depiction of the Egyptian god Osiris painted on its surface. Osiris is the Lord of the Underworld and Judge of the Dead..
10) Finally, a large cloth is wrapped around the entire mummy. It is attached with strips of linen that run from the top to the bottom of the mummy, and around its middle. A board of painted
wood is placed on top of the mummy before the mummy is lowered into its coffin...
11) Ive always found this process so interesting. Thanks for indulging my enjoyment...
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