You think that a fall in follower count despite getting new followers is a problem? Then you haven't paid close attention.
Twitter has started de-verifying accounts. Not that they had tweeted out fake news or committed a crime.
Twitter felt they aren't important anymore.
The operation has been named #VerificationPurge. Many social media influencers in the USA had their verification badges removed when they tweeted out information, news or views that was contrary to the an "Editorial Policy" of Twitter. I will explain that but first a few examples
When you get verified, @verified starts following you. All of us who got verified know the process. You receive a mail from Twitter that your account is verified. Then you are asked to click on a link to activate the blue tick and then this account starts following you
First victims of the #VerificationPurge are journalists.
Here is the Evidence 1: @AugustTakala.
He was promptly unverified when he reported that the Obama Administration was spying on journalists.
He was unverified within one hour of publishing the report.
Here is a screenshot taken just now that proves that @verified is still following Takala despite him being a unverified account.
So, this proves that Takala's account was a victim of #VerificationPurge.
Obama is the face of the avant-garde Left in the US today. Hence untouchable.
Evidence 2: @joshlecash
He did a podcast with Laura Loomer and his verification badge was promptly removed.
Who's Laura Loomer? She is Far-Right & a Republican candidate for the 2020 elections from Florida.
Loomer is banned from most social media platforms
Here's too, you will find Josh is being followed by @verified. This means that he was verified earlier.
The biggest worry is that #VerificationPurge is being done without any explanation or announcement.
Twitter, of course, has the right to do so at any time, as per their policy.
Twitter lists out specific conditions for the loss of a #Verified badge. It also states that if you lose your badge once, then it will never be restored again.
In some rare cases, Twitter has restored the badge even after changing username. But mostly Twitter never restores.
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