Dahra Baidoo already has stellar ancestral lineage. Baidoo comes from the Fante tribe in Ghana. Your matrilineal descent determined your status in the gov and tribe while the patrilineal descent determined your spiritual attributes.
Through slavery, members of the tribe were dispersed to the "New World", namely, Jamaica and Haiti. These two places are widely known for their bush medicine and other healing practices. I'd like to think these two cultures mixed in unique ways.
Now, I know that Dahra Baidoo has no bars. She's brave enough just to step up and treat the kids on her own. However, a part of me from now on is going to imagine a piece of her stepped up because of her bloodline, her heritage.
Maybe she knows of her African heritage, and maybe she doesn't. However, I think that makes one hell of a story. A full circle nod to her roots, both as a powerful woman in the Fayz and using her soothing spirit to heal others.

All hail Dahra Baidoo.
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