I'm really happy most people want to know more! For background, I am an electrical engineer at a nuclear power plant in the US! I'll make a short thread giving you some info if you're interested! https://twitter.com/jungkookspjm/status/1264719715227893760
Did you know nuclear power supplies over 55% of the United states carbon free energy? That means no green house gases, it is a 100% zero emission energy source! Its SUPER environmentally friendly
My plant actually has an environmental conservation program on site where we study and house hundreds of birds!
Did you know that the used fuel my plant has made in the last 50 years is so small that it can fit in a swimming pool?
Did you know nuclear plant emit fewer radioactive materials into the environment than a coal burning plant?
Working at a nuclear plant is actually ANNOYINGLY safe. The amount of rules and regulations in place to keep the plant, the workers, and the general public safe are astronomical.
Ever seen one of these? A lot of people think they're spewing pollution into the air, but really it's just steam! We use these giant towers to cool the water that we use and they're actually REALLY cool
Okay I want to keep this short, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask!
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