Um, that Run finale. I have questions. *spoilers*
Firstly, with that ending, that’s a criminal waste of Domhnall Gleeson in sexy mode. If this were my story, it would have been 7 episodes of train sex and heart-eyes convos, which was the best part of this show
The “Run” video where he talks about doing their week and writing a book about it should have been shown to Ruby much earlier, because it was too hogh stakes to just tack on at the end
Think of the conflict—Ruby would have to figure out what was real or not all week.
Fiona could stay alive, being a devil in Ruby’s ear, building on the rapport they discovered in Chicago. Her death is wasted as an afterthought, just as a lever for Ruby’s revenge that comes at the last minute
There’s no character development in this choice, she just reverts to suburban mom who can slip back to her conventional life. She did a week with Billy instead of a yoga retreat? Ok
Billy comes off being more sympathetic, even though he has a set up as a loathsome semi-grifter. Maybe it’s due to DGs natural charm. You end up rooting for him to really have love and authenticity, and he’s the one trying to do the right thing abt Fiona
Fucking weird. Ruby goes back to safety and mediocrity, with her token resistance against being patronized by Laurence. Billy has more genuine growth, and is getting arrested. So is there more of this? He tries to explain about the book video from jail?
The time to run all of that conflict and ambiguity should have been in the train. There’s all this background for Billy to be a liar and a snake-oil salesman. Seems wasted. The audience doesn’t wonder if anything he said about love is true
Because his sincerity and change of heart is demonstrated and apparent. He rejects Fiona and his pining for Ruby is portrayed as authentic. You can tell Ruby feels for him too, and she’s genuinely hurt to think he might have been faking everything for a book
But like I said, that should have come at the halfway point of the show. The audience knows about the book video, and Billy wanting to keep it from Ruby, but then it just gets tossed like a grenade in the last episode
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