Why is this alleged #QAnon follower posting memes that seem to mock the Q movement?

Why do they have a picture of HRC as their cover photo?

Why did they not post any kind of reply / personal message after getting "Q'd"?

In fact their tweets have no personal "voice" at all
🤔 https://twitter.com/2020Qanon/status/1265063407637745665
It almost seems like they were "programmed" to post Q memes, news, and references. But at the same time, perhaps posts like the one above and the cover photo are meant to create cognitive dissonance and confusion in their followers...
Just posted an altered screenshot of a Q drop with a completely false description and racist language. Deliberate setup attempt to discredit Q movement confirmed. https://twitter.com/2020Qanon/status/1265090132991979521?s=19
Good idea. Done.
#PatriotsUnited #DoYourPart #WWG1WGA https://twitter.com/Our_Return_Home/status/1265102623155290112?s=19
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