1. Bernie and Jane Sanders. Yanis Varoufakis. European Realistic Disobedience Front (MeRA25). European Left. Socialist dictators in South/Central America. Venezuela. Foro de São Paulo. Internacional Progresista.

ALL working together AGAINST the U.S. https://sandersinstitutegathering.org/speakers/ 
3. I've showed you Sanders is tied to "European Left"

"The Party of the European Left (EL) has attended the XXV edition of the Foro de São Paulo (FSP), celebrated in Caracas 28...The FSP is an event that gathers the progressive parties and movements of the whole Latin America...
5. Do you understand? A U.S. Senator has RECRUITED politicians, elected officials and activists from around the world in order to challenge U.S. President Donald Trump and America's foreign and economic policies. Sanders' wife Jane founded an Institute to spread socialist ideas.
6. One of those groups has formed a contracted coalition with dangerous, socialist dictatorships from Latin America in a meeting held in Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela. This was all made possible by a decades old group of socialists and communists who partnered together.
9. Is this sedition? Betrayal of Sanders' oath of office? How can a Senator in the U.S. Congress openly recruit foreign leaders and activists to fight against his own country and its well being?

Sanders was elected by Vermont, not by Caracas.

#VoteSanders Out


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