Let me remind people how things actually work, since there seems to be some confusion.

When he was Acting AG, Matthew Whitaker was not **allowed** to leak to the media about an ongoing Special Counsel investigation.
I'm seeing people asking why Whitaker didn't speak up the moment he assumed command of the DOJ & the Mueller SC and call a press conference to ANNOUNCE that Mueller's team of rabid bloodthirsty Democrats had found no evidence of Russian collusion.
These are very likely many of the same people floating this talking point a few weeks about by why that cowardly Devin Nunes didn't LEAK CLASSIFIED INFORMATION TO THE MEDIA about SpyGate.

After all, I'm told, the public has a right to know.

Well actually, no.

That's wrong.
Devin Nunes can't leak classified information to the news media any more than Matthew Whitaker can leak details from an ongoing SC investigation before it completes.

I may be one of the few people on here who knows how this works & is being honest to you about it.
The public can't see classified information until it goes through this process called DECLASSIFICATION.

Unless we're going to pretend we're about to chuck the whole 'rule of law thing' and play by the same grabass rules the Left does, and endorse criminal leaking.
You cannot bring about a restoration of rule of law after the most shocking criminal administration in US history by doing the exact same criminal conduct the SpyGate plotters engaged in.

You bring them to justice THROUGH the law, not by circumventing & violating it.
So those who are complaining about why people like Nunes and Whitaker and Grassley & others are playing by the rules and keeping their mouths SHUT and not leaking classified information & info on ongoing investigations are making a huge mistake.
You're complaining about the fact these people are following the RULES and obeying THE LAW.

Trump is now poised for complete and total overwhelming victory over a decrepit and corrupt Democratic party that is circling the bowel.

And he did all this LEGALLY.
Trump's people broke no laws.

They leaked no classified information.

They are winning FAIR and they are winning SQUARE.

The defense teams for the crooks will have no crimes to point to committed by the investigators. None.

No leaks, no entrapment, NOTHING.
We're right on the cusp of it all going down and all of a sudden you're being told the HEROES that made this all possible by sticking strictly to the rule of law are really cowardly sucks ups who put their careers ahead of doing 'the right thing' & leaking to the media.
I'll say this clearly:



And if you think they did, this is where you and I are going to have strongly disagree.

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