More importantly, why did Rod Rosenstein not inform the public that there was no evidence of collusion, or better yet, shut down the illegal Mueller witch hunt which he was supposed to be overseeing?
Rod Rosenstein knew the ENTIRE time that there was no evidence of collusion. He shouldn't have appointed Mueller in the first place. And to those that say he had to, because of the FBI, they can't explain why he allowed it to go on for years and interfere in the 2018 midterms.
Rosenstein is a coward. He got freaked out after he recommended Comey be fired and he appointed Mueller and gave him unlimited power and zero oversight so he didn't have to do his job or take criticism from the media. There's no excuse for what he put the country though. None.
"Well Shem, now President Trump is exonerated because of Mueller." WRONG. He's exonerated because he was innocent. They NEVER had any evidence of any crimes. You don't need a rogue special counsel to prove what everyone already knew.
And Mueller's spent hundreds of pages in his garbage report claiming that President Trump really was guilty anyways, even though there was no evidence, and spent half the report inventing fake obstruction charges to hopefully get him impeached.
The Mueller witch hunt was one of the single most destructive things to ever happen to this country politically, just years of lies leaked to the press and repeated claims of collusion with no evidence and no one to push back on it. It was a disgrace and so was everyone involved.
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