Let me try this again

Look in the rooms of power for the Republican party and the rooms of power in the Democratic Party.

At the RNC its almost a game of where Waldo to find our people represented at all.

At the DNC the top ppl in power at black https://twitter.com/rosemcgowan/status/1264396006726217729
No institutions is perfect.

Goverment run means people run.

And people are imperfect

The DNC is also run by people

The larger the DNC gets the more powerful it gets

But it Also more comprises it has to make

That’s the paradox of power and leadership
Let me repeat that

Party power is derived from being large

But thr larger you get the more competing interest

So black people specifically

Have 3 choices

1 Republicans who don’t even let us in the room

2. Democrats who we are part of the DNA. But know disappointment well

3. A third party uniquely tailored to meet every thought in agreement but as impotent to match
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