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CW: hybrids, ABO (alphaKiri, omegaBaku), I don’t think anything else but who knows lol

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Katsuki stretched lazily in the flower dotted grass. His nose twitched as he took in the refreshing scents of spring; sweet grass mixed with bedstraw flowers, buttercups, milkweed, thistles and the smell of rain on the horizon. The sun felt good against+
his ashen fur and pale skin, the long grass tickling at his sides as it shifted slightly in the light breeze.

Katsuki had ditched his clothes the second he’d left his property. That stupid Deku insisted that he wear them despite everything in the lop bunny hybrid’s body+
screaming at him that clothes were constricting and unnatural.

Katsuki didn’t understand why humans didn’t feel the same way. There wasn’t much different in their physiology, hybrids only possessing certain animal traits —like ears, tails and claws— after+
centuries of breeding. Maybe it was because all humans were Betas, unlike hybrids who were more commonly Alphas and Omegas.

Either way, Katsuki could care less. He was an omega and it was now spring which meant mating season for the bun. Which was also why he’d decided to run+
away from home; at least for a little while.

Katsuki as sick of Deku trying to have him breed with other domesticated bunny hybrids. He didn’t want to be offered up to a lazy alpha on a silver platter; he wanted a chase, a challenge.+
He wanted an alpha to /earn/ their way into his nest and arms.

That was the plan anyways. Katsuki’s skin was slightly flushed with the onset of his heat which was due to start any day now. He figured that he’d be able to find a decent alpha bun and be well bred+
within a week, leaving him to spend the rest of Spring getting fat with his litter of kits at home with Deku, heat free.

That was the one thing Katsuki hated about spring; the constant heats. In his few years of life he’d yet to be happily mated and bred, but he didn’t care.+
It was better to suffer through heat after heat for a few months than give birth to some useless Alphas kits.

He just hoped that at least a /wild/ alpha would be more up to the challenge of actually having to win Katsuki over in order to breed him.

Eijiro hated spring.

Every omegan wolf in his pack would become cranky, all the unmated ones fighting over the higher ranking alphas’ attention. Lower ranking alphas got into fights over omegas when one would look their way and it was always a tense season for the pack.
As the pack Alpha’s son, Eijiro found himself in the category of high ranking alphas, second only to his father. Except that his father was mated, which left the young alpha at the top of the foodchain come mating season.

Even if he wasn’t the alpha’s son he would still+
fall into the highly desired category; he was young and virile, his body on the bigger side due to his superior genetics, lined with hard muscle and adored with teeth like knives.

The alpha radiated strength and authority, his uniquely coloured russet hair and fur a beacon+
to all the unmated omegas.

He hated it.

He didn’t want every omega in sight throwing themselves at him, rolling onto their backs in invitation when he walked by, their sickly sweet scents of arousal choking him.

Eijiro figured that if he was ever going to find+
an omega that he genuinely wanted to mate with, it’d have to be from outside their pack.

It wasn’t uncommon for wolves to look for mates outside of their original packs. His mother had been an omega that his father had managed to meet while out on a hunt one day, +
the two of them tearing and biting at each other until their fight turned into something so much more.

That’s what Eijiro wanted. He wanted to chase, to have to prove that he was a worthy alpha, something that he couldn’t do within his pack where everyone knew him as the+
Alpha’s son. He just hoped that he’d be as lucky as his father had been in finding his mother.


Of course Eijiro did the only thing that seemed logical; he went out to hunt.

Outside of their packs territory was the only place he’d be able to find an unknown omega and+
during mating season was the best time for it. It wasn’t like he was the only wolf that had the same idea; it was a common occurrence after all.

The alpha knew of a glade not too far from their territory where+
deer would frequent. If he didn’t find a mate, at least he’d be able to return home for the day with a decent meal.

Eijiro slowly prowled the edges of the glade, his body on high alert for any other wolves. If he ran into another alpha their would no doubt be a fight.
Eijiro was disappointed to find that no other wolves had thought to venture to the glade today; even an alpha would have at least allowed him to work some of his frustration out with a fight.

Even worse, no deer appeared to be grazing in the grass like they normally+
would be on such a nice day. So much for his meal.

He figured that it wouldn’t hurt to wait around a bit downwind, watching the clearing from just within the tree line. He had the whole day to waste anyways.

Eijiro was drawing circles in the first in front of him as he sat+
and waited, huffing in boredom when the wind picked up slightly, blowing all the smells of the glade his way.

He stiffened, his ear perking up as he tried to listen for any signs of movement that might have come with the faint smell of bunny that drifted to his nose.
It wasn’t a deer, but a bunny could give him one hell of a chase, especially if he had to hunt it down first.

Eijiro grinned as he shifted to all fours, crouching low as he moved into the tall grass. He stayed downwind, nose twitching as he followed the light scent.
The scent got stronger as Eijiro got closer, mixing with a smell that he couldn’t possibly mistake for anything else; omega.

The scent of something spicy and sweet hit his nose like a whirlwind as the being that was now a few feet away from him shifted in the grass.
Eijiro’s lips pulled back into a snarl, a growl building in his throat. He knew that he should turn around and leave; there was no point in staying. He didn’t hunt other hybrids no matter the species and this wasn’t an omegan wolf that might be interested in mating with him.
But Eijiro was far too curious to let such an opportunity slip by. He’d never seen a bunny hybrid before and the urge to scare the creature and chase him for a bit was far too strong.

Besides... Eijiro found that he quite enjoyed the omega’s scent. It wouldn’t hurt to play with+
the bunny just for a little bit, right?

Eijiro could barely see the outline of pale skin and ash blond hair as he leapt forward, growling as he landed a foot from the omega’s side, still partially hidden by the tall grass.

Katsuki squeaked in surprise, immediately+
jumping to his feet, his long ears swaying with the sudden movement as he spun away from his attacker and bolted through the grass.

Eijrio’s eyes widened as he watched the man run, his pale skin shinning in the sunlight, ash spikes bouncing with his ears as his+
little cloud of a tail twitched just above a rounded ass.

Drool filled the alphas mouth as he watched the muscles in the omega’s body flex with his quick movements, denoting the strength hidden beneath his soft appearance.
Eijiro watched, frozen in place as the omega came to a halt near the edge of the clearing, spinning in place to face the glade once more, crimson eyes scanning for his opponent as a scowl formed on his face. His hands raised in front of him, forming+
fists as he sniffed the air, trying to pinpoint where the wolf may have moved to.

Except that’s Eijiro hadn’t moved. His remained where he’d landed, ruby eyes transfixed on the omega that was quickly approaching his heat. He looked far too well put together to be wild.
“Come on fucker!” Katsuki yelled in anger. “Stop being a coward and come out and fight me like a man!”

Holy shit, Eijiro was in love.

He was in love with a domesticated lop bunny.

Eijiro day back on his heels and whined, the top of his head and eyes now visible to+
Katsuki from the edge of the clearing.

He wanted to chase the omega, sure, but as a bunny he would see it as a threat rather than a sign of courting and Eijiro didn’t want to scare him off.

He knew that not too far from here some humans lived, so maybe the poor bun was+
lost. If he couldn’t chase, then Eijiro would just prove his worth in another way; like protecting this poor bun from the unforgiving nature of the wilderness.

Katsuki’s brows furrowed as the alpha whined at him from the middle of the clearing.

/A dog?/ Katsuki shook+
his head as the subtle scent of cloves drifted towards him now that the alpha was upwind. /No... a wolf./

Katsuki grit his teeth and remained in his fighting stance. He’d seen enough movies with Deku to know the basics of how to fight. This was a wolf after all,+
a predator that was no doubt out looking for the ideal prey, which unfortunately seemed to be him.

Katsuki hadn’t even thought about the possibility of running into a predator so close to home.

/Stupid/, he chastised himself. Apparently his heat was already getting to him.
He needed to run.

If the wolf attacked him then he could throw as few kicks and punches if need be but Katsuki wasn’t stupid enough to think that he could take on a fucking wolf. Even a hybrid still had sharp teeth and claws.
Making a run for it seemed like the best option while the wolf seemed docile but the thought of turning his back on the wolf was unnerving. If he turned tail and ran he had no doubt that he would be followed.

Katsuki took a tentative step backwards, the russet wolf’s ears+
twitching as its ruby eyes followed his movements like a hawk. If he moved slowly enough he might be able to escape. He just needed to make it a few feet into the trees before he could turn and run home and regroup.
Katsuki felt behind himself with his other foot, his fists still raised in preparation for a fight.

Eijiro’s nose poked above the top of the long grass as he let out a louder, higher pitched whine at Katsuki’s slow retreat. The alpha tried to plead with his eyes for the omega+
to stay, that he wasn’t a threat and meant him no harm.

His hands twitched on the ground, the urge to simply chase and tackle to bunny becoming stronger the further he crept away.

“What the fuck is wrong with him?” Katsuki muttered, confusion filling his voice. “Is he+
sick or something? Stupid mutt rabid?”

“Hey!” Eijiro shouted as he shot to his feet, clawed hands clenching at his sides. “I’m not rabid, you jerk!”

Katsuki yelped in surprised, his eyes widening as he stumbled backwards and tripped over a tree root. The bunny+
fell ass first into the bushes along the tree line, cussing up a storm.

“Oh my god, are you okay dude?!” Eijiro rushed towards the omega, hands reaching out to help the poor guy up as his feet flailed about in the air.
Eijiro ducked under one of the rabbit’s feet only to be kicked squarely in the stomach by the other as Katsuki scowled at him. The alpha doubled over and Katsuki delivered a swift kick to his jaw, knocking him back onto the ground.
“Ow! What the hell man, I’m just trying to help!” Eijiro winced as he rubbed at his jaw and Katsuki scrambled to his feet.

“Trying to help my ass,” Katsuki sneered at the wolf before turning and darting into the forest and out of sight.

Eijiro pushed himself to his feet,+
quickly scenting the air for Katsuki’s distinct scent before taking off after him. Like hell was he letting a fucking /bunny/ get the best of him.

The wolf ducked under low hanging branches and jumped over tree roots as he chased after the omega, a familiar feeling of+
excitement thrumming through his body. It had been a while since he’d had a /real/ chase and the wolf was already enjoying himself, though that may have been due to the fact that his reward for catching this particular prey was going to be much more than just a quick meal.
/And so much sweeter./

Eijiro couldn’t help the smile that flashed across his face. This one was going to be a challenge and he had every intention of having him, /especially/ if he needed to be forced to submit.

The alpha quickly realized that the bunny was leading him +
towards the outskirts of the forest and into human territory, confirming Eijiro’s suspicions about the omega’s human upbringing. He needed to make sure he grabbed the golden bun /before/ they made it too far out of the forest.

He was fast, Eijiro had to give him that. He+
watched as Katsuki easily darted among the forest foliage, his agility evident as he made quick movements to zip around trees and shrubs when the wolf got too close. He may have even gotten away if Eijiro didn’t already know where they were headed.
Katsuki swore. He couldn’t get this goddamn wolf off of his tail. It didn’t seem to matter how much he weaved in and out of the trees; the bastard would always be crashing through the brush and undergrowth right behind him.

It definitely didn’t help that Katsuki couldn’t stray+
too far from his previously ventured path. He hadn’t been in the forest nearly long enough to scout out the area and getting lost with a predator on his ass was far too risky.

If he was remembering correctly then he didn’t have too much farther to run before the trees would+
give way to the open field that stretched between the forest and his backyard.

Just a little further and he could hop the fence and dart into the safety of his home.

And probably into Deku’s open arms.

He’d no doubt upgrade the fence in an attempt to keep Katsuki from+
getting out again but right now Katsuki was more concerned with survival than anything that his human might do in retaliation.

Hope filled Katsuki as the trees started to disperse a bit and the field behind his backyard came into view.+
/Just a little further. You’re almost there just--/

Katsuki screamed as Eijiro lunged at him from behind, pushing them both forward and onto the ground. He’d been too focused on reaching safety to pick up on the fact that the wolf was+
getting faster the closer they got to the treeline.

“Get the fuck off of me!” Katsuki struggled beneath the wolf, quickly maneuvering himself onto his back so that he could actually fend off his oversized attacker.

Eijiro quickly sat atop Katsuki’s thighs, pinning the bun's
legs beneath his own in order to avoid any more rabbit kicks. He took a few solid punches to the chest as he moved into atop Katsuki but once he was certain that the omega wasn’t getting his legs free he grabbed onto his wrists and pinned them above his head.
Katsuki glared up at the wolf, blood rushing between his ears as he tried to think of a way to escape the dire situation he now found himself in. He struggled against the hold that the wolf had on him but it was pointless; he was clearly outmatched.
“I caught you!” Eijiro yipped happily, smiling triumphantly down at the bunny as his tail swished frantically in the air behind him. A nice bruise was forming under his jaw from the kick Katsuki had so kindly given him+
before their chase but the wolf didn’t look fazed by it. “I caught you omega!”

Katsuki sputtered. /Omega? Omega?!/ He’d expected lunch or snack or prey... hell, maybe even bunny but sure as fuck not fucking /omega/.
“OI! Let me fucking go you stupid shitty haired mutt!” Katsuki’s struggling became more frantic. He needed to get the fuck away from this wolf by any means necessary.

“Hey,” Eijiro pouted, his hands tightening their hold on Katsuki’s wrists. “That’s not very nice.”
“Nice?” Katsuki laughed almost hysterically. He was about to be eaten and the wolf was worried about him being fucking /nice/?

Eijiro’s brows pinched in concern as he leaned forward, his nose wrinkling as Katsuki’s scent turned sickeningly sour. “I caught you+
fair and square so stop fighting, please?”

Katsuki gaped at the wolf. Did he have fucking brain damage or something? What animal would give up just because they were caught by the predator chasing them?!

“Like hell am I--” Katsuki’s body suddenly stiffened+
then slumped as Eijiro began releasing a barrage of calming pheromones.

Katsuki fought against the whine that threatened to escape as his body registered that it was an /alpha/ that was currently holding him down. He felt his skin prickle with heat as sweat began to coat him,+
his body becoming flushed.

/Stupid fucking heat!/

“See,” Eijiro cooed at him as he leaned down so that his nose could skim along Katsuki’s bare scent gland, taking in his rapidly sweetening scent. “I’m not going to hurt you omega. I’m going to make you feel really good;+
fill you with my pups.”

Katsuki whimpered as Eijiro nipped at his scent gland before laving over it with his tongue, groaning right in the omegas ear as his unique taste filled his mouth. Katsuki’s hips thrust up in response, rubbing his quickly hardening dick against the alpha.
The scent of slick permeated the air and Katsuki’s pussy throbbed as he mentally cursed his traitorous body. If he hadn’t been starting his heat he wouldn’t be in this situation right now… and the prospect of being filled with such a+
strong alpha’s pups wouldn’t sound so wonderful.

Eijiro’s heady scent was now spiked with heavy arousal as he released Katsuki’s scent gland and straightened slightly above him, just enough so that he could look at Katsuki. The omega’s movements had all but stopped, reduced to+
mere twitches and the slight canting of his hips against Eijiros, desperately trying to gain some form of friction to relieve the need was making its way throughout his body.

Katsuki’s pupils were blown wide, his expression still slightly angered as he tried to fight with+
his body’s natural response to a potential mate. Eijiro smirked. Even when his body was starting to yield to his heat the omega still fought on. He was /perfect/.

“What’s your name?” Eijiro rumbled, his nostrils flaring as he took in Katsuki’s sweet and spicy scent, +
dripping with barely concealed arousal.

“Tch,” Katsuki turned his head so that he looked away from the alpha, refusing to respond. He couldn’t seem to control his body at the moment but he sure as hell could hold his tongue.
Eijiro chuckled at his stubborn omega. He knew that he wasn’t going to get any information from the little bun without some force.

Eijiro shifted his grip so that both of the omega’s wrists were now held within one of his hands and moved his free hand to hold+
the omega’s chin and force him to look up at him.

“Come now, my little omega,” Eijiro purred low.

Katsuki tried to ignore the shiver that ran up his spine at being called the wolf’s omega. He belonged to no one and it was going to stay that way. So what if this alpha had+
managed to chase him down and was now in the midst of forcing him to submit; he wouldn’t yield, no matter how much his body was screaming at him to.

“Why don’t you tell me your name?” Katsuki averted his gaze as best as he could, still holding on to a sliver of+
defiance. “I’ll even go first. My name is Eijiro.”

Katsuki bit his lip, preventing himself from repeating the alpha’s name. He refused to give the bastard the satisfaction of hearing his name fall from Katsuki’s mouth.

“Omega,” the alpha cooed, his thumb rubbing along+
Katsuki’s jawline as he gasped at the pleasant sensation.

Try as he might to avoid it he was starting to become acutely aware of every inch of skin the alpha was touching. His heat was making him extra sensitive, the warmth from the alpha’s skin rolling over his own. Katsuki+
tried not to focus on the feeling of the alpha’s hard cock against his own.

He swallowed hard. Eijiro was so much bigger than he was. Even if he couldn’t see it right now he could definitely feel how the alpha’s twitching length dwarfed his own cocklet. His pussy throbbed+
at the thought of such a giant thing stretching his insides, pushing into him with a ferocity that he had no doubt the wolf could muster and of the accompanying knot.

Eijiro’s grin widened as Katsuki’s head grew hazy with every passing second, his+
body succumbing to the alphas overwhelming scent.

“Well?” Eijiro leaned down so that his face was near Katsuki’s neck once more, his hot breath ghosting over the omega’s ear, making him tremble. “I want to know your name, my little omega.”
Katsuki whined in defeat. His sense of reason was quickly slipping away. Why was he fighting so hard when such a perfect alpha was above him, trying so hard to gain his affection so that he could fuck him and fill him with pups? Isn’t this what he wanted? To spend this+
spring round and heat free, his kits’ father someone that had fought hard to win him over and prove himself a worthy alpha?

“Katsuki,” the omega gasped as the alpha began to nip at the other side of his neck, no doubt leaving marks.

“Good boy,” Eijiro purred against his skin.
“Alpha!” Katsuki cried out, tears pricking his eyes as his stomach suddenly twisted and spasmed with the pain of being empty. “Please, it hurts-- alpha, it hurts so bad.”

“Shhh, I know, it's okay,” Eijiro soothed as he let go of Katsuki’s wrists and jaw to run his hands down+
his sides, massaging the tensing muscles on either side of his abdomen. “I’ll make it feel all better, I promise.”

“Eijiro-- alpha I--”

“Kacchan! Kacchan, where are you?!”

Katsuki stiffened as Deku’s voice hit him like a bucket of ice water. His eyes widened as Eijiro+
looked up towards the field, a low growl escaping his lips as he rose slightly. All at once Katsuki’s sanity returned.

/Oh hell no/. Like fucking /hell/ was he about to let a fucking /wolf/ breed him.

The omega yanked his hands down from above his head to his chest before+
shoving them at the alpha above him, making Eijiro grunt in surprise as he was dislodged slightly from Katsuki. It wasn’t much but it was just enough for the omega to yank a leg free and send a sharp jab with his knee into the wolf's stomach.
Eijiro yelped and fell off to the side, clutching his stomach as Katsuki quickly scrambled to all fours. His eyes locked onto the field where he noticed a familiar shock of dark green curls in the distance. /Deku/.

Eijiro’s hand shot out to grab Katsuki’s ankle before+
he could escape, snarling as he dragged the omega back towards him. Katsuki fell forwards as his foot was yanked backwards, just barely catching himself before his head hit the ground.

Eijiro was quick to cover Katsuki’s body with his own. He pressed all of his weight down+
onto the bunny, forcing the air from Katsuki’s lungs in a surprised huff.

“/Submit!/” Eijiro snarled into Katsuki’s ear.

The omega instantly went lax at the alphan command, a fresh wave of slick gushing from his pussy to coat both of their thighs in sticky sweetness.
“I just got you and I'm not letting you go,” Eijiro ground out, thrusting his hips to emphasize his words as he ground his cock against Katsuki’s ass. “You’re mine little bunny; my omega to fuck and knot and mate, to fill to the brim with my pups.”
Katsuki’s whined, loud and low at that. Oh he was so fucked. There was no way that Deku’s voice would be able to snap him out of it now, not when his body was so ready for the alpha that held him down to breed him.

Katsuki nodded automatically as Eijiro moved off of him, pulling him up so that his chest remained flat against the ground but his hips and ass were raised in the air. His pussy trembled as it was exposed to the open air, his slick dripping down to begin forming a small puddle+
on the ground beneath him as the alpha roughly pushed his legs apart.

Eijiro groaned at the sight before him, squeezing the base of his cock to help relieve some of the pain. Katsuki was so pretty, his pussy lips flushed a deep red due to his heat, his little cocklet throbbing+
in time with his heartbeat. Slick steadily dribbled from his small twitching hole, wrapping Eijiro in its sweet thick scent as he licked his lips and leaned forward. Drool filled his mouth as he wrapped his hands around Katsuki’s small waist, his fingers nearly touching as he+
held his omega in place, Katsuki’s small fluffy tail twitching.

Eijiro knew that he had to make Katsuki relax, to properly submit and the only way to do that was to make him cum and knot him if necisary. He’d prefer to wait until they returned to the safety of his den before he+
fucked and knotted Katsuki but he needed to at least take the edge off of his heat, otherwise he was going to start attracting every alpha in the vicinity to try and mate him. Eijiro would fight if he had to but he preferred to not have to fight his own pack mates just to get+
Katsuki safely to his den.

Katsuki whimpered as Eijiro shifted closer, bringing his face to Katsuki’s pussy as he dove in tongue first, groaning around the first taste of the omega’s potent slick on his tongue. He lapped at the sticky substance, making Katsuki shriek in+
surprise and jerk in Eijiro’s grip as his rough tongue swiped across his clit.

Eijiro’s hands tightened on Katsuki’s hips as he forced him to remain still as he attacked his over-sensitive clit repeatedly with his tongue, thoroughly enjoying the taste and the high pitched+
gasps and whines that he was pulling from Katsuki.

“Alpha~” Katsuki sobbed, his ass wiggling in the air as he fought to escape the wolf’s tongue, his fingers clawing at the earth beneath him. It felt so good but it was far too much in the wrong place. He wanted to be filled, to+
be fucked and knotted and stretched so full that it bordered on painful.

Eijiro made a slurping sound as he pulled back slightly, replacing his tongue with his fingers as he carefully ran them through Katsuki’s folds, coating them in fresh slick before circling his clit and+
returning to tease at his opening with his thick tongue.

He wasn’t giving Katsuki a single second to catch his breath, to properly focus before his tongue was breaching his virgin hole and pressing in to stretch him around his tongue. Katsuki screamed at the sudden unfamiliar+
stretch, his body quickly transforming the slight burn to pure pleasure as Eijiro fucked him on his tongue. He moved his fingers from Katsuki’s clit to instead circle his cocklet that was now dripping precum, his hips canting forward into the friction and+
warmth the wolf’s hand provided.

Heat pooled in Katsuki’s abdomen as he let out a reedy moan, his eyes rolling back into his head as he suddenly keened and came, his pussy spasming around the alpha’s skilled tongue as more slick squirted out of him and a clear fluid erupted+
from his cock. Eijiro continued to lazily thrust his tongue in and out through Katsuki’s orgasm, slurping at the slick that had begun to leak down his chin when Katsuki came.

Eijiro pulled back slightly, holding Katsuki steady with his hands on his hips as the omega threatened+
to slump forward into the dirt as his body turned to jelly. He’d never cum so hard or so fast in his life. Was this what he’d been missing out on by refusing all of those alphas? Had he been suffering through his heats alone when he could have been screaming in pleasure instead?
“Katsuki?” Eijiro called softly, his thumbs rubbing at the omega’s back as he made sure that the bun was still conscious.

/No/, Katsuki decided. /No other alpha would have done that; would have prioritized Katsuki’s pleasure above his own./

“Mhm?” Katsuki hummed in response,+
making Eijiro chuckle. The pain in his stomach had subsided a bit, his mind clearing slightly as the beginning of his heat was dulled by his orgasm.

Katsuki had been vehemently against having a fucking /wolf/ breed him but Eijiro had just done a fantastic job of showing+
Katsuki how worth while such a thing could be so any reservations he had about it before had now dissapaited.

“You okay?”

Katsuki huffed in annoyance. He’d just fucking cum and felt like he was floating on air; how the hell could he /not/ be okay?

“I’ll take that as a yes?”+
Eijiro smiled, though it was a bit strained. They needed to get back to his den, /now/ or he might be at risk of his dick falling off.

“What the hell do you think, Shitty Hair?” Katsuki griped, though it held no real menace. “Are you going to fuck me or what? I’m waiting to+
be properly bred you know.”

Katsuki’s hips swayed slightly in Eijiro’s hands to emphasize his point, his cotton tail wiggling in excitement. The wolf let out a pained groan before sucking a breath in through his mouth, trying to avoid taking in anymore of+
his omega’s alluring scent.

“Fuck, omega, /soon/,” Eijiro growled. “We need to go back to my den first so that we’re safe when your heat hits again.”

Katsuki pushed himself up onto his hands, looking over his shoulder to glare back at the alpha. He hated that he was right,+
especially since he could already feel desire beginning to spike in his body once more. They needed to move fast if they didn’t want to be stuck spending Katsuki’s heat out in the open. They may have been a little more protected with Eijiro being a predator himself but he needed+
some semblance of a proper nest and safety or he was going to have a difficult time during his heat.

“Fucking fine,” Katsuki grumbled. “But you better take good fucking care of me for the next few days, Shitty Hair.”

Eijiro growled as he leaned over Katsuki, his dick rubbing+
between the buns ass cheeks, making them both moan. “Oh don’t worry, little bunny,” Eijiro rasped into his ear, making him shiver. “I’m going to take /very/ good care of you. You may never want to—“


Eijiro yelped in pain as he was hit in the side with+
a rock, forcing him to let go of Katsuki as he fell to the ground, clutching his now bleeding side.

Katsuki shrieked in alarm as he was pulled up from the ground and into Deku’s arms before the human turned and booked it out of the trees with his hybrid.

Katsuki was furious.

Not only was he now forced to suffer through his first heat of the year alone but Deku had clearly injured his fucking alpha and left him to bleed out all over the forest floor. Not that Katsuki thought that one hit would take Eijiro out but he+
didn’t really like the idea of his alpha being hurt.

Katsuki groaned in frustration as a particularly bad cramp shot through his abdomen, causing him to clutch at his stomach as he curled into himself. He was lying on his side in his nest —a nest that just felt so+
fucking /wrong/ without his alpha’s scent— body shaking with each wave of his heat.

It didn’t seem to matter how much Katsuki screamed at Deku for his alpha; the fucker wasn’t getting the point.

He refused to use any of his normal heat toys which just distressed Deku even+
more. Katsuki would have been so smug about his owner's panic if he wasn’t in so much pain.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t originally /tried/ to use the toys when Deku had deposited them into his small nesting room —he had and it+
had been awful— but they just weren’t going to cut it this time.

Not after he’d had a taste of what his alpha could offer; not after his first earth shattering orgasm. And that had just been on his alpha’s fucking /tongue/. Katsuki could only imagine how much more pleasure+
Eijiro could provide if he’d been given the chance to work Katsuki over and split him open on his cock and knot.

Katsuki drooled at the thought. Everywhere the wolf had dragged his hard dick against Katsuki’s skin had only solidified the fact that the+
alpha was /huge/. Huge and more than willing to breed Katsuki to his heart's content.

His pussy throbbed and the bun squeaked in frustration. Why was his human being so fucking stupid? Couldn’t he see that Katsuki so desperately wanted to be beneath the wolf once more?
Logically Katsuki knew what they’d probably looked like when Deku had found them; a big wolf hunched over an innocent little bun, looking like he was going to devour the poor creature. It was what Katsuki had originally thought himself so of course his human would think the same.
Of course that knowledge didn’t make Katsuki any less pissed at Deku for it.

“Alpha,” Katsuki sobbed as he writhed among the blankets of his nest, his slick steadily soaking the soft material.

Deku had locked him in this fucking room, meaning that even if Katsuki’d been+
able to pull himself to his feet and move there was no way that he’d be able to escape. Katsuki hated the thought but he knew that he was going to have to suffer through this heat without Eijiro and then hopefully find a way to escape to him once again afterwards.
Because like hell was he suffering more than once like this. Sure, his heats had always been bad but now? Now it was a million times worse. His body had gotten a sliver of what it needed and now it wouldn’t accept anything less.
“I’m sorry Kacchan,” Katsuki vaguely heard Deku call through the door to his room. “An alpha will be here to help you soon.”
Katsuki let out a pained laugh. Fucking bastard thought that he was finally caving; that he was finally willing to be bred by one of those stupid prize winning alphas that Deku had been trying to get him to mate with for years.
He was going to be very sorry once he realized just how wrong he was. Katsuki wasn’t rolling over for any stupid bun unless he turned out to be Eijiro in disguise.

Even if one of those idiots managed to get him to submit —which wasn’t happening without one+
hell of a fight— he wasn’t going to accept it for one second. He’d stop himself from getting pregnant from sheer will alone.

Katsuki didn’t think that it would come to that though; most of those alphas weren’t up to the fight that he was going to give. Every other+
time they’d given up after a couple of minutes —and a few swift rabbit kicks to their stomach and jaw.

/Not him though… not Eijiro./

No, his alpha had happily jumped him with a bruise so nicely forming on his chin, not in the least+
bit deterred by Katsuki’s fighting spirit. The wolf had even seemed endeared by it.

That was exactly what he wanted in a mate.

Katsuki swore under his breath. His stupid heat adiled brain was making him think about taking a mate; about taking Eijiro as a mate.
He didn’t want a fucking mate. To be bred and heat free until next year, yes. But to actually be claimed and mated? Not a fucking chance. If someone wanted to take Katsuki as a mate, they’d have to make him submit completely; have to+
be able to drag him kicking and screaming into their arms.

/Eijiro could do that./

Katsuki scowled and whined as a particularly bad cramp shot through his abdomen.

That thought was exactly why he’d been reluctant to have the wolf breed him in the+
first place. If Eijiro so desired he could easily take Katsuki as his omega.


“Shoto, thank god!” Izuku grabbed the red and white haired man’s arm as he threw open the door, practically dragging his friend into his home. He’d spent the entire time pacing the+
path from Katsuki’s heat room to the front door as he waited for Shoto to arrive with his hybrid.

Tenya was the perfect alpha to breed with Katsuki. The bun had won almost all of his shows, similarly to Katsuki and they’d been trying to have the two of them breed+
for a while now. He was also an alpha that Katsuki was familiar with which meant that he was more likely to accept the raven black bunny.

At this point though, Izuku was ready to throw any alpha rabbit at the omega screaming his head off on the floor above. Shoto was just+
lucky that he and Tenya were the closest and able to get here the fastest on such short notice.

“Is it that bad?” Shoto frowned as he pulled Tenya into Izuku’s home behind him. Izuku’s answer was interrupted by more screaming from upstairs as he opened+
his mouth, making Shoto raise an eyebrow at him as Tenya’s ears twitched at the sound. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“God Shoto, I don’t know what to do!” Izuku looked frantic as he began pacing in front of his friend once more, speaking at top speed. “First, Kacchan somehow got+
out of the backyard when I let him out this morning and he must have taken off after something because I didn’t find him until a couple of hours ago near the tree line. I even found his clothes in a pile a few feet from the fence!”
“Maybe he saw another hybrid or something? And alpha?”

“I don’t know!” Izuku’s arms flailed about as he spoke. “All that I know is that when I found him he was going into heat and there was a fucking hybrid /wolf/ trying to eat him. It looked like+
he’d just caught Kacchan and if I’d gotten there even a second too late—“

“Izuku, calm down,” Shoto grabbed onto his friend's arm, trying to stop his jerky movements and force him to relax as he began to hyperventilate. “Did you say that there was a /wolf/?”
“A hybrid one,” Izuku sucked in a shaky breath. “He was so close to Kacchan, I thought that he was going to kill him so I grabbed the biggest rock that I could find and hit him with it. He didn’t really notice me until I did but when+
he fell over I grabbed Kacchan and ran as fast as I could home.”

“Okay,” Shoto’s eyes closed briefly as he rubbed at his temple. “So you’re telling me that you attacked a wolf to save Katsuki. You do realize how reckless that was, right?”

“A /hybrid wolf/.”
“Izuku, a hybrid wolf can still easily kill you if it attacks you!” Shoto’s voice rose as he became exasperated.

“But he had Kacchan!” Izuku yelled back. “He would have killed him if I hadn’t done anything! It was worth the risk.”
“You exhaust me,” Shoto groaned. “Was the /hybrid/ an alpha?”

“What?” Izuku’s brows furrowed. “I don’t know, why?”

“You said that Katsuki’s been like this since he came back?” Izuku nodded as Shoto sighed. “And he was due for his heat…?”

“In a couple of days.”
“Remind me why we’re friends again?”

“Shoto!” Izuku glared as Katsuki let out another series of cries which seemed to set Tenya even further on edge as he looked around, nose twitching as he sniffed the air. “What are you going on about?”
“Forget it,” Shoto shook his head. “You said that Katsuki’s been calling for an alpha and you think that means that he’s suddenly willing to be bred rather than just deal with his heats like usual? Just all of a sudden despite refusing for years?”
“Y-yes?” Izuku frowned. Okay yeah, it sounded really odd but that’s what looked to be happening. Katsuki was refusing to use any of his heat toys so what else could it be?

“You don’t think that he ran into an alpha that he took a liking to while he was out of+
your sight?” Shoto reached out beside himself to scratch at Tenya’s head. The poor alpha was hoping in place nervously now, obviously upset by the omega’s pained noises that were filtering down from the floor above them.

“I didn’t see any other bunny or rabbit hybrids while I+
was out looking for him and there definitely weren’t any around near where I found Kacchan,” Izuku shot an apologetic look at the alpha bun.

“Maybe the /wolf/ scared them away.” Izuku didn’t miss the way that Shoto’s lips twitched at the corners slightly as he spoke.
“Whatever,” Izuku huffed. “Either way he’s been calling for an alpha so I’m not going to let the opportunity pass. If he wants an alpha then I’ll give him one.”

Shoto couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him at that. “I’m sure that will go wonderfully.”
“What’s that supposed to mean,” Izuku crossed his arms as he glared up at the taller man.

“I’m saying that whatever alpha threw him into his heat is the one that he’s calling for, Izuku.” Shoto rolled his eyes. The green haired man+
was normally much smarter than this but it was like his brain cells went on vacation when it came to his hybrid. “He’s not going to be happy with any other alpha.”

“Oh…” Izuku’s face fell as he thought about what Shoto had said.
“That doesn’t mean that we can’t try,” Shoto shrugged. “But don’t expect much. Any alpha that’s willing to breed Katsuki while he’s clearly calling for someone else isn’t going to be so willing to after they lose their dick —which is exactly what will happen if they+
try to force him. I wouldn’t put it past your omega to tear any alpha a new one if they seriously tried.”

“Yeah,” Izuku’s shoulders sagged in defeat. “Yeah, you’re right. We’ll try but if that’s the case then I guess that I’ll be out looking for+
this wild alpha rabbit all day tomorrow. Can you watch Katsuki for me while I do that?”

“Sure,” Shoto offered him a reassuring smile. “I’m sure that the alpha will be just as affected though so he should be hanging out close to where you found him. If you go out with+
something that smells like Katsuki it should be easy to find them.”

“Is Tenya up to try then? Breeding Katsuki, I mean?”

Shoto shot a glance at his bunny, whose tail was twitching frantically as he looked around, suddenly unsure of the familiar environment. “Maybe not+
breeding but he definitely wants to check on Katsuki to make sure that he’s alright. I’m sure that he can smell the poor guys distress right now.”

“Yeah, that makes sense,” Izuku sighed. “Let’s go up then and hope for the best.”

Tenya wasn’t exactly sure why Shoto was suddenly bringing him for an unscheduled visit to the Midoriya household. He’d been there a few times before to meet Katsuki and try to breed him —which Katsuki had vehemently declined. He’d been there since then just to socialize with+
the other hybrid while their owners visited with each other but those visits always happened on the days that Shoto wasn’t away for work half of the day.

It wasn’t until they stepped into the household and he actually /heard/ Katsuki yowling from his heat that+
he understood; they wanted to try breeding him again.

Except… that didn’t seem right. It hadn’t worked any other time and while he and Katsuki may have formed a tentative friendship, there was still no way that the omega would be willing to+
be bred. Tenya knew him well enough to know that.

But of course that didn’t put him at ease in the slightest. He could so clearly hear how much pain Katsuki was in. He’d been over a few times during Katsuki’s heats last year and the poor bun had sounded /nothing/ like this.
He was clearly in great distress and yet… Izuku didn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Tenya couldn’t understand anything that Izuku and Shoto were saying as they stood just inside the man’s home but when they started to look his way and Shoto began scratching his+
head in an attempt to soothe him he suddenly understood.

/Oh. Izuku //has// been trying to help, he just can’t anymore./ That’s why they were here.

Tenya was still certain that Katsuki would have no interest in him but by being within the vicinity of the omega, his alpha+
pheromones might be enough to ease Katsuki’s pain, if only a little. No matter the case he wanted to check up on his friend and make sure that whatever was going on here, Katsuki was going to be alright by the end of it.

Izuku lead them up a flight of stairs and down a hall+
towards what looked to be Katsuki’s heat room, if the increased influx of the omega buns paprika scent was anything to go by.

Shoto patted him on his head once more and said what Tenya could only imagine were some encouraging words as Izuku unlocked the door and+
pulled it open. The alpha tentatively peeked inside the small room, his nose twitching as he looked for Katsuki.

He’d just spotted the blond, curled up among the blankets of his nest as Izuku quickly shoved him inside the room and closed the door once more.
The noise and intrusion of Tenya’s blueberry scent roused Katsuki from his state of wallowing and pain, two bright crimson eyes narrowing at the alpha from within the mass of blankets and pillows.

By the sharpening of his scent, it was easy to tell how+
displeased Katsuki was with his sudden appearance.

Tenya didn’t even bother to approach Katsuki’s nest, opting to simply sit down by the door instead.

“What the fuck are /you/ doing here?” Katsuki hissed as he burrowed back further into his nest. “If you think that+
anything’s happening between us just because I’m in fucking heat, I’ll—“

“Not interested,” Tenya said flatly as he leveled Katsuki with an unimpressed look. “Learned that after the first time.”

Katsuki seemed to relax slightly at that. Had his head been clearer he might not+
have been so defensive. They’d already come to the understanding last year that they were never going to be bred together.

Katsuki huffed as he shifted around in his nest once more. He was far from happy with the raven black alpha buns presence but once he knew+
that Tenya wasn’t affected by his heat scent and wouldn’t try anything, his body naturally sent a wave of calm throughout him at the friendly alpha’s proximity.

Katsuki would never admit it but they were friends and the faint blueberry scent that filtered+
through the air helped a little. He was still dealing with cramps from hell but they were no longer accompanied by jabbing, sharp pains like before.

“Are you just going to fucking sit there?”

Tenya shrugged. “What else am I supposed to do?”
“Ask to be let out?” Katsuki groaned around another wave of cramps. “Deku may be an idiot but fucking half-n-half seems like he’d be smart enough to open the door for you the second you asked since clearly, we aren’t fucking.”
“No,” Tenya shook his head. “I wanted to make sure that you were okay. Besides, my being here is helping a bit, isn’t it?”

“It’s not helping at all,” Katsuki grumbled as he buried his nose in a blanket —one that he’d dragged over his body upon returning home in an effort to+
catch his alpha’s scent. It was long gone but he still hoped that by some miracle the smell would reappear.

Tenya gave Katsuki a knowing look. He’d had enough experience with other omega’s to know that Katsuki was just being stubborn and disagreeing for argument’s sake. At+
least that part of him still seemed to be normal.

“Who was the alpha?”

Katsuki blinked at Tenya in surprise. He had to give the alpha bun credit; he could be fairly perceptive at times.

“A wild alpha,” Katsuki hummed, eyeing Tenya curiously as he spoke. “An alpha wolf.”
Tenya’s face scrunched up in confusion, his deep blue eyes staring Katsuki down like he was trying to figure out the most difficult puzzle. Katsuki couldn’t help the squeaked laughter that left him as he watched the alpha’s+
reaction. It made his abdomen hurt worse than before but it was worth it.

“Katsuki,” Iida started, chopping his hand through the air repeatedly. “Wolves are predators; they’re dangerous. You should not be fraternizing with them.”
Katsuki snorted, the sound cut off as his stomach twisted with fire.

“I’m well aware. I ran from the bastard when he first jumped at me.”

“Wait,” Tenya froze, eyes widening as he realized something. “You weren’t on your property, were you?”
“Nope,” Katsuki grinned. At least the alpha was good for entertainment to some degree. “I broke out this morning and went for a run through the forest out back.”

Tenya made a strangled sound as his mouth dropped open before his chopping resumed with a+
vengeance. “Katsuki! We’re not supposed to leave our properties. Do you not have any idea how dangerous that is? You could have been—“

“Oh, shove it up your ass,” Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Plenty of rabbit and bunny hybrids live in the wild. You’re just jealous+
that I got a wolf for a mate.”

“I—“ Tenya shook his head, his ears flopping about. “I think that it’s time that I leave. We will continue this discussion when I see you next, outside of your heat. Perhaps you will be more logical then.”
Katsuki stuck his tongue out at the alpha and wiggled his nose as Tenya stood once more and knocked at the door, signalling that he wanted out.

“Wait,” Katsuki groaned, realizing that he needed something as he muttered at the alpha.
Tenya couldn’t hear what he’d mumbled but he knew well enough what Katsuki wanted as he sighed and began unbuttoning his navy blue vest. There was a pleased squeak as he turned slightly to toss the article of clothing at the omega’s nest, Katsuki’s hand darting out to+
grab it before the silky material disappeared into the nest with him.

Katsuki turned as the door was opened once more, burrowing further into his nest so that he could no longer be seen from the outside. He shoved Tenya’s vest into a corner, cursing his omegan nature as+
he moved the edges about so that it was more firmly woven into the base. It wasn’t what he really wanted but the stupid alpha’s scent had helped a bit and it set him a little more at ease.

He heard the door to the room shut once more as he curled up again, pressing+
his hands to his abdomen to try and dispel some of his pain.

If Deku was going to continue to be an idiot then he’d grit his teeth and ride this heat out just like the rest. He’d find a way to get out and find Eijiro again for his next one.

“I’m sorry, Izuku,” Shoto patted the smaller man's back as they walked back downstairs. “I wish that there was more that we could have done.”

“No, it’s okay,” Izuku sighed. “You did all that you could and I’m very thankful for your help, especially since+
I’ll definitely need you to watch Katsuki tomorrow now.”

Shoto nodded as they came to the entrance to Izuku’s home once more. “For what it’s worth, at least now you know that Katsuki is willing to breed with /someone/.”

Izuku let out a surprised laugh as Shoto bent to swap+
his house slippers for shoes. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. It may not be with an alpha that I want but at least it's better than nothing.”

“Precisely,” Shoto offered the smaller man a sympathetic smile as he opened the front door.
Tenya’s calm demeanour suddenly changed as he squeaked in terror, darting behind a startled Shoto and back into the house, disappearing out of sight as he rounded a corner.

“What in the world— Oh.”

“What? What is it?” Izuku moved to stand beside Shoto in front of the open+
door, peering out into the darkness. He couldn’t see anything odd. Was Tenya just afraid of the dark or—

“Izuku,” Shoto grabbed his chin and directed it towards the side of the house before letting go to point into the night.
Izuku squinted as he leaned forward to try and get a better look, only to jerk back in surprise as he found a pair of glowing red eyes peering back at him from the other side of the fence. Dread seeped into his stomach as he reached a hand out to blindly flick on the+
lights outside of his house, unable to tear his eyes away.

A soft click was quickly followed by the illumination of his yard as the lights lining his wooden fence lit up. Izuku made a strangled sound as his eyes widened and his mouth fell open.
Just outside of his yard sat not one, but /five/ wolf hybrids. A dark haired male and a golden blond male were chasing each other around his yard, the other three sitting right along the fence, watching his house. Two females, one with white hair and+
the other with black hair, sat chatting with each other as they glanced towards the house.

But it was the red headed male that was sitting as if he was pressed against the wood of the fence, his ruby eyes boring into Izuku’s, that sent a shiver of fear up the man’s spine. He+
was obviously the small pack’s leader… and he was also the wolf that Izuku had hit off of Katsuki earlier that afternoon.

“I take it, that's the wolf you saw this afternoon?” Shoto mused as he turned to Izuku.

Izuku swallowed hard, unable to speak as the wolf made a low+
rumbling sound that had the others instantly at his side. Five pairs of glowing eyes were now suddenly trained on Izuku.

“Just like I suspected then,” Shoto shook his head. “I think that you’ve found your alpha.”
“What?” Izuku’s eyes widened in disbelief. “A— A FUCKING WOLF?!”

Shoto slapped a hand to his mouth to try and dispel his sudden fit of laughter. It wasn’t common but also wasn’t completely unheard of for there to be cross species breeding in hybrids.
“So then— this afternoon— he and Kacchan—“ Izuku made a sort of strangled gagging noise. “They were about to— and I— OH GOD!”

Shoto’s stomach began to hurt as his laughter continued. The poor man had literally cockblocked his own hybrid.
“I think— /pfft/,” Shoto struggled to compose himself as tears pricked at the corners of his eyes. “I think that you have to hand him over. They probably won’t leave until you do.”

“I— I will not!” Izuku made a horrified gasp. “I have no idea what+
will happen if I just— just— I am /not/ just handing Kacchan over to a literal pack of wolves!”

“Well you have to do /something/,” Shoto eyed the wolves curiously. “Or you may never be able to let Katsuki outside again.”
Izuku’s shoulders slumped. “Can’t I just —not? If I give them Kacchan then I probably won’t ever see him again…”

Shoto frowned as he looked at his friend. Izuku looked like he was on the verge of tears. He really did love his little bunny hybrid.
Shoto ran a hand through his hair as he thought. “Couldn’t you just let the wolf into your home to stay with Katsuki until his heat was over and then go from there?”

“What?” Izuku looked at Shoto like he’d grown a second head. “What happened to him being /dangerous/, Shoto?+
What happened to ‘he could still kill me if he wanted to’, huh?”

“Izuku,” Shoto let out an exasperated breath. “If the wolf wants to mate with your lop bunny, I’d assume that he’s not going to hurt anyone. And honestly, what other option do you have at this point? He’s more+
likely to kill you if you keep Katsuki from him than if you let him in.”

Izuku glared at his friend. “Why are you always right?”

Shoto simply shook his head. “I’ll go and grab Tenya and put him in one of the other rooms while we get the wolf into the+
house. I don’t /think/ that he’ll hurt us but Tenya’s an alpha and the wolf could see him as a threat to his supposed mate. Like you, I’d prefer for my bunny to still be alive come morning.”

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