One of my favourite parts of my week off as someone who is usually at the cinema a LOT was having a movie day of new and new-ish films. In order of preference:

The Hunt
Troop Zero
Miss Behaviour
The Night Clerk
Vita & Virginia

I’d definitely recommend the first 3.
The Hunt might seem a strange one for me to like so much but it just spoke so directly to my intense cynicism about the state of politics. Sort of like The Good Fight meets Tarantino (but let’s not talk about Tarantino). And it just confirmed to me that Betty Gilpin is very good.
Vivarium was pretty on the nose in its point about the (gendered) meaninglessness and predictability of life and the lack of free will. But obvious messages in horror always beat ghosts and exorcisms for me. Plus watching this while social distancing just makes it even creepier.
Troop Zero was just a really sweet and wholesome movie, featuring the always wonderful Viola Davis and Alison Janney, and lots of adorable, hellraising little girls. And in my mind Christmas and Hell-no were totally baby girlfriends - why not!?
I also watched:

All of Little Fires Everywhere, which is beautiful and as powerful as you’d expect based on the cast. It really made me want to read the book to learn more about the characters. I just sort of wish I’d empathised more with Elena to make it that bit more complex.
Both seasons of Happy Valley, which I had somehow never seen and it was *highly* addictive. Sally Wainwright is such an amazing writer and it’s just so much fun trying to say “phone” in a Yorkshire accent.
And got up to date with Riverdale, which is pure genius and if you disagree you just don’t understand.
Plus I finally started on One Day at a Time season 4. I got to the episode on women masturbating and remembered why I love that show so much. (Your loss, Netflix!)

I might not have got to go to Spain as planned, but I’d say that’s a pretty productive holiday. 😊
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