As a distraction to today’s news, I took the wife on a statue hunt in the city of Chester, IL. Pics to follow in this thread. The statues are based off the comic strip & not the cartoon.

Covered Bridge outside of town
Sea Hag & Bernard
Roughhouse, Nana Oyl, Castor Oyl & the Whiffle Hen and Professor Wotasnozzle
Popeyes Pups, Bluto, King Blozo and Wimpy
Popeyes Nephew’s (2 pics, only statue based on characters from the cartoon), Cole Oyl and Olive Oyl with Sweet Pea & Eugene the Jeep
Murals downtown
Popeye, Alice the Goon, Child Goon & Poopdeck Pappy
Barge on the Mississippi, Bridge over the Mississippi, Welcome sign & a banner at the school. (End thread)
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