Concept: people being upset about this one particular thing has nothing to do with the particular thing and everything to do with the other, obvious, seven season gaslighting fest of the other thing, and feeling like they were punched in the face by a person who hates them.
While ALSO hating the fact that the only way the particular thing works is by sidelining an other obvious person because if that other person was around the particular thing wouldn't be a thing.

If you made it through that I applaud you.
And in that vein saying "Well, don't you want this person to be happy? Don't you care about them? " is extremely manipulative and excusing a person that instead of following the natural story decided to instead use lazy manipulative story-telling to basically tell everyone to
sit down and shut up at the expense of not only the audience but also the story. It's not only blatantly obvious, it's insulting to everyone involved.
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