Did you know we have an evidence based and fully supported safe supply? Buprenorphine has been shown throughout the literature to improve outcomes including death and recovery. It has little evidence it can cause an overdose. Its free for all citizens throughout Canada.
Prescribing buprenorphine is harm reduction. It should always be easily accessible and without prejudice. Low barrier access is key, Alberta has it in emergency departments, urgent care facilities, hospitals, and at the medical home (primary care).
Addiction treatment is what happens after someone is stabilized on buprenorphine. The stabilization can be tricky in some cases and require significantly higher doses than 24mg. The hardest part is treating the addiction and psychiatric co-morbidities.
But people who struggle with opioid addiction can and do recover. They can and do go on to having fruitful and meaningful lives, which they deserve. Yes people deserve hope, love, relationships & to escape the shame of addiction. #Mentalhealth #stigma #HarmReduction #recovery
PS. If buprenorphine isn't working/indicated, in Canada we have methadone and morphine (SROM) we can prescribe to people. #SafeSupply #addiction #treatment
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