Main problem in #Maharashtra right now is #UddhavThackeray . If it was anyone but him, the picture in Maharashtra would have been very different. #Uddhav_Failed_Maharashtra
A small thread about #UdhavThackeray
And the main problem with #UddhavThackeray is that he is super lazy. And this has not happened now.. it's been his nature from very beginning. As son of balasaheb he got everything ready made and never had to fight for anything.
It's not just now that he doesn't get out of Matoshri but from the beginning he is been lazy to get out for work. Though he is always ready to travel for leisure in private jets and etc.. but let's not get into that, we don't care what he does in his personal life..
But in his public life he has always been lazy.. during election campaigns also if he will travel to a village or a city for his speech, he only does one or two rallies that too mostly at night (sensitive skin).. the entire day is spent in a nice resort nearby doing nothing..
Working 8 hrs a day is also too much for him.. during normal days when he was not CM, or there are no elections going on.. he will hardly visit shivsena bhavan twice or once a week.. that too very limited meetings with selective people.
This lazyness is causing #Maharshtra big time. He is not available for secretaries and other staff 24×7. He doesn't have a habit of working hard. So if boss is not working hard it starts reflecting on people below him.
In his entire life his biggest achievement was winning BMC. ( He didn't won the assembly it was fadnavis). BMC was also a readymade win served to him. No hardwork from him..
It was Balasaheb's karisma that has kept BMC with shivsena till last election when it almost slipped from their hands. Uddhav is not the right person to work for state in this tough times. As MH needs someone who will.give his entire time for state.
Giving bad speeches in rally and speaking with state from tv as a CM are two completely different things.. he must have understood this till now.. once corona is done.. he is going to be used by Kaka and Mam in so many ways that he never have thought..
He and his gang had a last laugh on the day of his oath ceremony. Things are going to get worst from here for him and his gang.
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