I don’t know why but I have a feeling that #NitinGadkari would be the next chief minister of Maharashtra. And I have been telling this to my few journalist friends for past four months. Maharastra need a able leadership like Gadkari. Let’s see
BJP is a divided house in Maharastra. There are more than three strong factions. Only a smart and able leader like Nitin Gadkari can contain this infighting. PM Modi knows the organisation better than anyone in BJP. And he must be fully aware what’s happening in Maharastra
As far as Maharastra voters are concerned, Modi is their choice. They vote for Modi. They have extreme faith in his leadership. In last five years none of the state BJP leaders emerged as mass leader. It’s still the Modi factor. BJP has strong chances of getting strong further
Expect once, I have never met PM Modi. I met him at Gandhinagar when he was CM. He is very meticulous and a task master. He has no favourites. All who work are his favourite. And I am sure that he is closely monitoring Maharastra & especially BJP in Maharastra.
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