This new #bced plan is going to be a disaster for students.

The Ministry is requiring teachers be on-site for a handful of students which will make them unavailable for the majority of their students. @richardzussman @keithbaldrey #bced
In order for a teacher to be available for the handful of students on-site they literally cannot be available to the majority of their students who are doing distance learning.

You can't do distance teaching/feedback when you are dealing with students on-site #bced
Imagine a teacher who is expected to be on-site for two-days to handle 4-5 of their students - with a typical 30 intermediate class (Grade 4-7). That means 25 students will get no interactions on those two days. Those students are being thrown out of the mix. #bced @pattibacchus
Perhaps Minister @Rob_Fleming can explain to my kids why their teacher will be unavailable to them for 40% of the work week so the schools can operate with less than 20% of the students? The process only seems possible if they assume the teachers will do 2 times the work
They must assume a teacher will prepare a lesson plan for the in-class group. Teach and supervise for the full school day and then go home and do distance teaching for the remainder of their class.

They are counting on teachers working unpaid overtime to make this work. #bced
This doesn't even consider that these teachers likely also have children, many who won't be attending the schools, who will also need to be taught from home. Piling task after task onto teachers' backs is not the way to build a resilient system. It is a recipe for collapse #bced
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