Ok when we talk about taxing the rich in LA / California and using that to help poor people here, obviously that's correct.

But really that money should ALSO be redistributed GLOBALLY.

Trying to incorporate an anti-imperialist analysis into local politics .... bear with me (1/)
How much of the private wealth in LA / CA comes from exploitation of workers across the world, and particularly in the Global South?

Probably A LOT OF IT.

The tech industry, for example, exploits workers across the world at massive rates.

^^ This analysis by @tri_continental of the the iPhone is super helpful. Child / forced labor in Africa dig up minerals that go into tech products, workers in China and other places are exploited in brutal sweatshops, etc.

And the profits all go to some dickheads in California!
This surplus needs to be redistributed globally. I'm not expecting LA or California to do this ourselves... but we should keep it in mind.

We should be fighting for justice and decent living for everyone across the world -- because we benefit from their exploitation!
This parallels social democratic politics in the US more broadly .... like ok if Bernie got elected and got his agenda, that'd be dope for the majority of people in the US.

But what about poor people beyond US borders who will still be exploited so we can lead comfortable lives?
Idk how to organize around this locally or incorporate this into the work we're already doing.

Like, should we really talk about a #PeoplesBudgetLA that includes global reparations? Maybe?

But at least something for us all to think about !!!
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