Sessions and Rosenstein are still going to be testifying at the trials as witnesses.

Not defendants, in case you are confused about that.

The dates on the indictments will reveal all these SpyGate investigations began under Rosenstein.

That means exactly what it implies.
Remember, the Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, testified under oath in front of Congress on live TV that Rosenstein was cleared to both supervise these SpyGate idiots & later testify against them as a witness.

You don't accept that?

I don't care.
You're accepting or not accepting something does not change what Barr testified to under oath.

I want to be crystal clear about that.

He still said what he said.

Your FEELINGS on the issue, you have no idea how much I don't care.

The first thing that many people say when confronted with the fact that Rosenstein was an undercover informant being sent in to gather evidence against the people he would be supervising & working with is "ENTRAPMENT!"

Let me explain why Rosenstein didn't 'entrap' anybody.
The massive criminal RICO conspiracy among deeply embedded federal officials in the US gov't. to spy on and then try to sabotage and remove a President from office had begun LONG before Rosenstein was inserted into their midst in late April of 2017.
When the criminal conspiracy started over TWO YEARS before he got there, why no, in fact, Rosenstein is not 'entrapping' anybody.

He's not entrapping Comey or McCabe or Strzok or any of these other people he'll be testifying against.

Far from it.
So this isn't some kind of entrapment where the gov't agent goes in there and **entices** the innocent target into doing something illegal or creating the pretext for pretending they committed a crime.

Rosenstein isn't doing to them what THEY did to Flynn.

Absolutely not.
Instead, Rosenstein as an undercover informant **participates** in this criminal conspiracy in order to fully expose everything they did later.

Not until Mueller is underway and being guided into blowing up the RussiaGate hoax do the plotters realize what Rosenstein is doing.
The guy who's SUPERVISING THEM has been gathering evidence against them.

An informant's job is not to STOP the criminal conspiracy. This is the part people don't like. Totally understandable.

It's the age old dilemma of undercover work.
You insert an informant to gather evidence inside an ongoing criminal enterprise. He ends up watching these people doing a lot of BAD things. His job isn't to STOP anything, it's to catalog the crimes, collect evidence for later.

It's hard. It's not for everybody.
We've all seen the stories where the undercover informant is conflicted by gaining the trust of the people he's informing on as he watches them commit crimes.

The harder he tries to talk them out of the crimes, the more he risks exposing himself.
This is why Rosenstein spent little, if any time trying to TALK McCabe or Mueller or any of these other crooks out of what they were dead set on doing. His job - and yes, people like this - was to GIVE them what they wanted.

The good news is, they'll ALL pay for it later.
When Trump says "We caught'em!" and "We have it all!" you're told that's just a buffoonish blowhard with a bad haircut putting out hot air.

Well he's not bluffing.

They DO have it all.


Thanks to the guy who went in there and GOT everything.
And to this day people still can't figure out why that 'snake' and 'traitor' Rosentein got the heroes sendoff at the DOJ Main Hall when he retired.

It just....mystifies them.

Why'd they do that?

Why'd they treat him like a HERO who'd done something awesome?
Well he did.

He DID do something awesome.

Once Barr was securely in place, and nothing could stop what was coming, they dropped the pretense.

Understand what I'm about to say here in the next tweet.
That retirement ceremony for Rod J. Rosenstein was when Trump, Barr & Sessions dropped the curtain and RUBBED THE SWAMP'S FACE in it good and HARD.


You had NO IDEA.

We HAVE IT ALL and take a wild GUESS who gave it to us?

You have NO IDEA how doomed you are!
Trump's not worried in the slightest. He knows it's all going to come out before the election.

They honestly and truly can't stop it.

Right now Jensen is in the FBI's 7th floor getting ready to come out with the evidence showing who leaked the Flynn intercepts.
So I'm on the record: Rosenstein will not be a SpyGate defendant.

He's going to be the main witness for the prosecution that will put a lot of these goons away.

The "Nothing's happening & nothings going to happen" poseurs can bite me.

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