A colleague, engineer in Alberta, is saying: "Can't believe the AB govt will allow mining firms, 2 from Australia even along w Teck, to turn the Crowsnest area on the AB side into a slag heap like Teck has built on their side & pollute the only water source for southern AB #ableg
.."This coal from Alberta will also be shipped through BC terminals (Westshore & Neptune in Vancouver, & Prince Rupert) along with more coal from new mines northward parallel to the mountains, & through almost all of the parks this gov't just sold off..." #bcpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
.."AB Energy Minister Savage is enthralled by the "investment" these coal mines will bring, despite the profits going elsewhere & the mess left here. She's also pleased that #covid19 limits protests to 15 people in BC, so time to proceed with TMX. "Let's push it through!" #bcpoli
.."This morning's news was loaded with the coal mines proposed for our Alberta foothills and parks, but people are powerless to stop the corruption. Both our provinces are being rammed into disaster zones." #bcpoli #ableg
..Final note: "It's amazing that Alberta's environmental protection was put in place by a conservative government in the '70's to prevent this happening in parks, and now a conservative gov't is undoing what a previous conservative gov't put in place." #ableg #Teck #cdnpoli
..And here's Alberta's Energy Minister saying it publicly: let's push these projects through now while people can't protest due to #covid19! #ableg #bcpoli #cdnpoli https://twitter.com/globeandmail/status/1264982200153329664
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