#DominicCummings he/his wife should never have left London. They 'loaded' NHS away from home. Unnecessary journey/risk if broke down or crashed. '1hr Test drive,' troubling. Single parents with no other refuge have had to stay & do their best. No apologies for his decisions.
A. Liberal interpretation of law he helped create.
B. Reacted autonomously.
C. Family loyalty before community well being.
D. Assessed use of Durham NHS not London was an acceptable risk.
E. Doesn't feel need to apologize.
F. Did not feel any need to publicize, until pressured.
All traits of right wing libertarianism (small state, etc). And he is no consequentialist thinker. #Ethics
So much debate as to whether or not Cummings is a right wing libertarian. He denies.

But evidence, the man.
Robotics, AI, not the halcyon vision of ecological symbiosis. These are the technoMASTERS coming for us all. https://policyexchange.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Visions-of-Arpa.pdf

#Cummings Pet project worth billions, and #Gove (he started Policy Exchange)
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