i know i said i was taking a break, and i still am, but please read this!!! if you see anyone with this symbol in their bio, or the word slits/slitz in their bio or user name, please block and report them! they post fancams that look normal for the first second +
tw / gore + suicide

but then it shows scenes of extreme gore and/or jumpscares, including videos of people shooting and hanging themselves, etc. if you get a dm from an account that says "what are you afraid of?" or something similar, DO NOT RESPOND, even if it's with +
something random. we don't know what these accounts are capable of, and they could send you something extremely triggering. i suggest turning autoplay off so that you won't have to see these "fancams". i haven't seen them yet, but they're extremely triggering. just block and +
report, don't interact! if you feel like you need to, you can make your account private and turn off dms.
how to turn off autoplay: go to settings and privacy > data usage > video autoplay, and select never! (this effects all accounts currently signed in on the device, and you don't need to do this for each one)
guys please be careful in the replies, some of the accounts have found this tweet and replied with the gorey fancams. do not watch them, block and report!
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