Rakhigarhi excavation- 4470 BC.

In Rakhigarhi genetic sample suggests Harappans were NOT carrying any genetic signatures from Iranian related ancestry.


The genetic results also indicates Aaryans & Dravid are same ancestry.
Prof. Vasant Shinde (man who discovered India's 1st ancient DNA) and Maj Gen (R) GD Bakshi (Author of The Sarasvati Civilisation) to Rakhigarhi in Haryana.

This is the spot of the 6430-70 year old Ancient Indian city that has revealed burials and DNA of India's 1st people.
Prof. Vasant Shinde argues that the DNA findings are distinct to India, which would mean Indians are a distinct human civilisation, indigenous to the sub-continent, NOT 'Aryan Invasion' migrants as has been long theorised.
The tantalising findings provide the first scientific grounding for a Sarasvati Civilisation in India pushing back to more ancient times than thought before.
Rakhigarhi - 150 kms from Delhi, In the state of Haryana.
The spot of India, that is reveling...
What India was and where indians came from..
Rakhigarhi lies on the banks of an ancient paleo channel, a riverbed that many now feel was the site of THE SARASWATI RIVER.
Rakhigarhi excavated mounds.

Mound 1 - Habitation area.
Mound 2 - Manufacturing area
Mound 3 - not excavated
Mound 4 - The Citadel
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