Fast Food joints and chain restaurants were aesthetically nuts in the 80s and 90s and actually quite better, a thread.
Here's an abandoned Burger King from the 80s. I love the wooden seating and Earth tones, looks much better than current Burger Kings.
Here's a TGI Friday's from the 90s. They were crowded and nuts! I love the table cloths with TGIF Colors and stained glass tiffany lamps.
Here's an old 70s McDonalds, complete with block lighting.
90s McDonalds outdoor patio with McDonaldLand mascots.
Last but not least was Taco Bells old 90s po-mo design. Am I the only one who finds this unbelievably awesome?
This vaporwave McDonald's deserves recognition as well.
Here's Denny's in the 70s. Now they are trying to make restaurants look like this!
I feel silly for forgetting 80s Pizza Hut.
90s Pizza Hut was also super awesome!
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