[1/4] We’re thrilled to announce a one-million-dollar donation from the Hal Jackman Foundation to support a number of Toronto’s small and mid-sized charitable arts organizations challenged by the impact of COVID-19. https://bit.ly/3c2Qbui  #TOArtsTogether
[2/4] 80 arts organizations that are affected by depleted earned revenue due to closures of arts spaces have been selected by the Hal Jackman Foundation to receive funds. These are organizations of all disciplines, operating across the city, with budgets under 6 million dollars.
[3/4] Toronto Arts Foundation is assisting with the process, providing context, data and expediting the delivery of funds. #TOArtsTogether
[4/4] The Hal Jackman Foundation donation plays an important part in Toronto Arts Foundation COVID-19 Response Initiatives launched to help with mitigation, resilience and recovery. For more info on how we’re supporting our creative city, click here: http://bit.ly/2LUFdw3 
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