JIMIN, a hearty thread.
Jimin was born on Friday the 13th, 1995. Jimin is the member of Biggest Boyband in the world called BTS. Jimin is a vocaist, writer and composer. Jimin has the most unique voice acc to Suga. Jimin broke Drake's record of most streamed song on soundcloud with his single "Promise".
It took Jimin 2-3 weeks to finish his solo "Lie". Jimin is also known as "Fairy of BTS". BTS think that Jimin is the clumsiest member. Jimin loves taking selfies, takes about 30 selfies for 1 tweet. Jimin like mint scented perfumes.
The place Jimin is most confident that is on his body are his eyes. Jimin considers himself cheesy. Jimin was class president for 9 years in school. Jimin loved chemistry and math when he was in school. Jimin likes girls with long hair.
Jimin felt sorry for kicking the members in " No More Dream". Jimin said he likes it when Jungkook massages him. Jimin considers Taehyung his ultimate soulmate. Jimin has a younger brother who is same age as Jungkook. Jimin ranked Jin #1 for his looks.
Jimin said Bangtan want to create BTS 2nd generation with their sons. Jimin sleeps with closed fist placed on his stomach. Jimin thinks that BTS' weakness is that they're really noisy. If Jimin had a super power he'd want to talk to animals.
If Jimin was stuck in an elevator, he'd like to be stuck with food. If Jimin wasn't an idol, he'd like to be a police man. Jimin thinks he is a bad actor. Jimin whines. Jimin pouts ° з° . Jimin cute.
-end of thread.
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