Cummings offers no regrets, blames media reporting for the view that there’s one rule for him & another for everyone else & insists he behaved reasonably in “exceptional circumstances” 1/2
Those exceptional circumstances were not, however, largely related to COVID but to his desire to get back to work & his fear of leaving his sick wife & child alone at their London home as it might be a target of protests.
Many parents will understand these fears. Others will understand why the PM’s top official wanted to get back to work as quickly as possible. The question is whether people now believe these are exceptional circumstances that permitted him to ignore the “Leave Home” injunction
So, how accurate were media reports? Cummings did, as reported, drive 250 miles to go to a 2nd home; & did drive half an hour to go for a walk when official advice was to Stay Home. The police did speak to his father but about security & not COVID. He did not go back to Durham
Plus the one inaccuracy that clearly upsets him most is that he didn’t stay with his parents and they didn’t give childcare to his son
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