On Trad - Raita fights (summarizing conversation with @akshayalladi

You can't have the cake and eat it too

If you seek tradition, give up on Hindu-unity
If you seek Hindu unity, relax on traditions

Raita position is more politically "strategic"
Trad position more apolitical
Hindutva originally a "Raita" movement

But lately on twitter, we have seen Trads trying to worm their way in

But "social conservatism" in India won't succeed politically as V1-V3 constitute roughly 20% in North India and 5% in South
Trads are better off operating in the cultural and apolitical avenues

And leave H-politics to Raitas
India is a V4 nation

I have repeated that many times

And politics in India will always have a V4 flavor

If you seek H-nationalism then the political and religious posturing of H-nationalists will also inevitably have a V4-tilt
Social conservatism will politically always be a non starter in India for two reasons

1. Caste arithmetic is against it
2. India is already a v conservative society
Maybe if we have a sexual revolution of the sort the West had in the 60s, then social conservatism will emerge as a political force

But that's in distant future.
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