#THREAD: #BetaalOnNetflix

Funny how almost every other web series these days are deliberately dipped into some kind of narrative to fuel the leftist propaganda & this show Betaal is no different.

Here is a short video to give you a slight idea about the show.

Here I go..


CIPD, another word for CRPF are portrayed doing dirty works of rich elites by murdering poor Adivasis and their childrens only to grab their lands by calling them naxals.

A corrupt private road company executive who has ties with CM of a certain 'party' has bought a senior officer and is shown giving personal orders to a CRPF commander to "santize", adivasis because the CM is arriving in 24hrs for bhoomi pujan.

CRPF team goes into an adivasi village and one of the officers declares that the adivasis evacuate their homes immediately and whoever resists this order shall be considered a naxal and handled appropriately.

Adivasi communuty is mauled by the CRPF as wicked road construction company folks watch and enjoy the brutal assault on the adivasis from their long lens binoculars in the name of nationalism, patriotism and duty.

This is how communist gang has always defamed our brave heart soldiers and policemen who lay their lives fighting against the Maoist terrorism and this show is openly fueling such leftist propaganda down the throat of the masses in the name of creativity and FOE.

If you still manage to survive this piece of crap you will realise the tag line of the series "Evil Is Eternal" is not about some ghost or zombie apocalypse but a jibe on the essence of your armed forces service, sacrifice & nationalism.

Guess you gt the point now?

These OTP platforms & people who produce or act in such narratives must be held accountable for their lies & filth against our law enforcing agencies, as there are many non poltical individual specially teenagers who watch such series believing everything as it is.

I will conclude by saying it against, RW is not paying enough attention to Media and Films. And it is going to cost us a lot. There's really no point protesting against such series if we cannot create a counter narrative by making films and series showing our side.
P.S: Is it surprising to learn that Shah Rukh Khan has produced the show and a British national leftist Patrick Graham who has made propagandic series like Ghoul is the writer/director?

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