Paid sick leave for federal employees, because other employees are a provincial jurisdiction, not to mention the fact that it is usually a union negotiated part of collective agreements? #cdnpoli
It took an actual constitutional amendment in 1940 to give the federal Parliament power over Unemployment Insurance. And federally regulated companies only represent about 10 per cent of the workforce subject to the application of the Canada Labour Code for sick leave.
"The Constitution Act confers broad powers on the federal government; however, the provinces retain jurisdiction in many fields, including property and civil rights, which encompasses labour and employment law in most sectors."
"Consequently, all provinces and the three territories have enacted employment standards legislation governing such issues as the minimum wage, hours of work, overtime, vacation and public holidays, pregnancy and parental leave, and notice or pay in lieu of notice upon dismissal.
The CLC already offers all federally regulated employees medical leave protection of up to 17 weeks.
You sound like someone who has never studied constitutional law and how our BNA Act was a direct response to the States' Rights problem that resulted in the US Civil War.
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