25 May 2020 - #CoronavirusAsChernobyl and the Fall of the CCP.

I don't remember - I'll get it figured out - when I first predicted the fall of the CCP by 3 November 2020. The two things don't actually connect. It's just that China opened Pandora's box in order to oust Trump.
2) Please take that in. Pandora's Box is a thing. A lovely girl has a box. She's told not to open it, but, you know, these things are irresistable. What happens next? Death, destruction, and disease are unleashed. Some temptations are so great, we just don't see the outcome.
3) Again and again, I've walked through the logical options. There's always the option of design. I'm not big on coincidences. So, that's what I actually think. I don't think it was merely a thing that happened on its own. I believe China built it, for purpose.
4) But, there really is always the possibility of pure genetic mutation, uncontrolled and opportunistic. Consider the opportunity. Bats give you pandemic power. Your economy has been decimated by Trump. What to do? Shut down travel in China, put infected people on planes out.
5) There's just no way to argue that China is innocent. There's no case to be made. We know they shut down internal travel. We know they promoted global travel. You put infected people on planes. That is your delivery mechanism. Does it matter if it was designed or not?
6) As I've said, there's no question in my mind it was designed. But, no matter. In either case, you have a nation's leaders chosing, purposefully, to release the contents of Pandora's box upon the planet. Last I heard, 184 nations were suffering. 184 nations.
7) Again and again, I've walked through the simple fact that a communist nation is nothing other than pure piracy. It cannot manufacture profits, on its own. It does not allow the freedom that is the basis of profit. So, it must steal all its assets. Pure theft. Piracy.
8) Speaking of which, I have a painful confession to make. I wrongly claimed priority. I did come up with my analysis on my own, that of China and its Coronavirus Chernobyl. That was 100% honest and of perfect integrity. But, I was wrong by 11 days in claiming priority.
9) Here's my 4 February analysis, in which I first made the connection between Coronavirus and Chernobyl: https://twitter.com/ThyConsigliori/status/1224699055118438400?s=20
10) Alas, here is the first notice I can find, 11 days earlier than my own, here on Twitter. Check this out! https://twitter.com/ezralevant/status/1220500139426619392?s=20
11) And this one, this is amazing. We're going to linger on it for a bit. China removed the program Chernobyl from its Internet. That is phenomenal. It's basically a confession. Got that? And on 26 January. Oh well... https://twitter.com/TheRealJoshYe/status/1221466230474698752?s=20
12) If you need understand no other fact in order to tie this thing down, understand this. The top minds in China have analyzed USSR's fall, and they have analyzed it to a fine point of detail. They know what Gorbachev says, that Chernobyl ended Soviet communism.
13) So Gorbachev calls Chernobyl the end of Soviet communism. Hmm. And China knows this. And by 26 January 2020, they have removed the TV show from their internet. Specifically, from IMDb. You know, the app we use too, but the Chinese version. Can you say censorship?
14) Who's read Arthur Conan Doyle? Who remembers the great Sherlock Holmes story of the dog who did not bark in the night? A silent dog, the night of a murder, indicates that the dog knew the killer, as a friend of the family. Sometimes when something goes missing, that's data.
15) China's Chernobyl is positively indicated by the missing TV series. And it is a GREAT series. It is one of the most impactful TV series I have ever watched. I will never forget it. https://www.hbo.com/chernobyl 
16) Hey, here's the biggest kick in the nuts for me. I called Steve Bannon out for stealing my analysis, and I was 100% wrong. He got there many days before me. I apologize. I was wrong: https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1222279452081762305?s=20
17) Getting rapidly back on topic!, the real issue is simply, will the CCP fall? I still say yes. I began studying Eastern Philosophy seriously in about 1994. I'd read Sun Tzu previously, in 1987. I'd read the great novel Sho Gun in 1979. But serious study is a different thing.
18) China's people are geniuses. I adore Chinese people and the deep history they embody. Let's talk about that. Let's talk about communism itself, and the dead end trail that it always leads to. We in America have deemed the outfit prior to Mao Tse Tung as Nationalists. Why?
19) Sun Yat Sen, and his heir Chiang Kai Shek, were both died in the wool communists. Chiang Kai Shek was more than just a dictator. He invested all his force into the cities, and rejected the country, the out of the way. So, what did Mao Tse Tung do? Invest in the country.
20) And what did we, America, do? We sided with Chiang and, sort of opposing Mao, we still funneled him billions of dollars. What was our solution? Our foreign affairs people - the State Department - just about always favors a merging of the two sides, as if that could happen.
21) To my knowledge, this "merging" has never once occurred. Chiang and Mao are deadly enemies. No peace between them can occur. Yet, that's where we lay our bets. Well, it didn't work out well. Chiang lost and retreated to Taiwan. Mao won and we lost.
22) Here's where we fail. Again and again. We have four supreme principles, four great rights. They are NOT American rights. They are human rights. Here they are:

1) Life
2) Liberty
3) The Pursuit of Happiness
4) Property

They're actually very simple. They work.
23) During the decades from China's previous dynasty's fall, the Qing Dynasty in 1911 due to the communist revolution - six years PRIOR to Russia's communist revolution - until Mao's ascendency in 1949, America did NOTHING, not one thing, to promote true freedom in China.
24) Taft, Willson, Coolidge, Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman. Those were our presidents during that era. Not a single damned one of them ever had a single damned thought about the Chinese people's freedom. Not their problem. Only national interests. Nothing else.
25) I have to ask. When? When will we return to our fundamental rights? When will we start caring about the rights of all mankind? I have to make a quick detour. America First. It is NOT about China's or anyone else's rights. It's about our own.
26) President Trump has rightly understood how severely our own rights, right here in America, are under threat. If we fail to secure our own rights, how could we ever be a leading light for the rest of the world? Very simply, we couldn't. Trump is the master of this.
27) Trump is the master of far more. There is no way to protect American freedom in a world that seeks our demise, with the help of at least half of our greatest leaders, right here. China purchased its position in our nation. Universities, obviously. Politicians, of course.
28) I'm a soft fan of Richard Nixon. He did more good than he's credited for, even including recruiting China against the USSR. That was a good thing, as such. I am NO fan of Henry Kissinger's. He is the great leader of our corrupted China bought politicians.
29) Now, consider the different between Kissinger and Trump. Trump has obliterated the Chinese economy. How? Very simple. He knew that without theft from us, it would implode, and implode it did. And that's the basis of the Coronavirus. China's imploding economy.
30) I've said it before, and will again. China CANNOT run its economy economically, without theft. They are pure thieves. How do thieves operate on such a global basis?

Simple. Corrupt American leaders.
31) Who tracks the income of politicians emanating from American plants in China? That is, from plants that were massively profitable here, and gave 100,000s of American workers, no, millions, good jobs, and then were moved to China? Who tracks the Bush family's wealth sources?
32) Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, Obama. Who tracks where their billions come from? We know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they've all sold their souls to China. And that is the very simple reason Coronavirus was unleashed. Trump gets no wealth from China. He's not bought.
33) Not bought - and do NOT get me started on Biden! - he chose purposefully to simply stop the theft. He did. Honest, you can take my word for it. The WTO. Tariffs. Trump's trade policies, and negotiations. Even his tax policies. In all cases, China loses and loses big.
34) As a single example, consider the billions of dollars provided to farmers across America right now, all directly due to tariffs Trump has enacted. Last I heard, the recent tranche was about $16 billion for farmers. That is how you defeat China.
35) By the way my own recommendation - although of course others have said this too - is that we simply default. Yep. About a trillion dollars of debt we say, um, no, we're not paying. Also, I'd confiscate their every holding, from stock to land, every damn thing they hold. Gone.
36) Antibiotics? Medical equipment? Personal Protective Equipment? Goddamned mask? Are you kidding? 5G technology? iPhones made in China? Made in China...every damned thing? Yeah, you bet I'm pissed. Who gave America to China? I'm not asking. I know who did.
37) It took the USSR 5 or 6 years or so to fall, after Chernobyl. I don't think it will take China that long. Communism cannot exist without theft, and Trump is not allowing any more theft. The jig is up. The game is over. So, I stand by my call. CCP dead by 3 November, 2020.
38) Make no mistake. Chinese people love freedom. They are no mere idiot slaves to a 100% corrupted government of high thieves. We saw that in 1989, in Tiananmen Square. We knew then, but Bush 41 smoothed it all over. Trump is no Bush 41. Trump doesn't smooth over.
39) You must watch the HBO series on Chernobyl. You will understand how communism falls. Watch it. And, you must envision a world free of communism, once and for all. Freedom. It's not just for Americans. We're just those who claimed it first. We must support it everywhere.
40) Freedom is simple. It is built on just four rights, the four rights that founded America. It is, however, a universal set of rights for all mankind. Why do we apologize for this? Trump doesn't. Here they are:

1) Life
2) Liberty
3) The Pursuit of Happiness
4) Property
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