I think she means to say—on a day when we honor those who gave their lives in service, we think of the 100,000 Americans, who have died in the midst of a pandemic. We think of the millions who have lost their livelihoods, and those who are fearful of what the future holds. 1) https://twitter.com/tomilahren/status/1264669324733829121
We are grateful for those who work tirelessly in hospitals around the country. Who risk their lives daily to save lives—and to help keep their neighbors healthy and well. We appreciate those who work in stores, and delis and restaurants whose jobs help us feed our families.
We reflect with sympathy on those who have lost loved ones—unable to hold their hands or kiss the goodbye one final time. We are sympathetic to those trying to juggle their kids’ remote-schooling and work zoom calls and cooking and cleaning and life.
We think of those who struggle with anxiety or addiction, and those who feel as if they’re being sucked under daily by depression—please know many of us are rooting for you. We are joyful for graduates—who made it through despite the craziness of these times—and who feel bereft.
We are grateful for our neighbors—those who check on the elderly, do another run to donate to the local food pantry, those who organize parades for students on their last days of school, and those who show up and honk their horns in support of children they do not know.
We feel blessed by community members who suck it up, wear itchy masks, stay 6 feet from others, and who hand sanitize constantly, as they are investing in the most vulnerable among us. We know that this is a difficult time for so, so many, and so a ‘thank you’ is hardly enough.
I think that’s what that gal was trying to type.
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