Time to spam you all about all those @DublinRepeal8 adventures we had back in the day, I think that Facebook was the platform most spammed by me back then; twitter mostly escaped, but everyone should be equal #repealedThe8th #RepealMemories
and as importantly, putting the social into socialism #RepealMemories
Thus it began (or rather it began the previous Thursday night around on Infirmary Road, but that's a shite photo, taken on a potato phone) #RepealMemories
A truly ecumenical affair, with Shinners, Sticks, Labour party members coming together with people before profit and even the Irish Times to spoil people's mornings on a sunny Saturday in 2018 #RepealMemories
Clipboards at the ready the early few who managed to swipe the fabulous white @DublinRepeal8 high-viz's wore down the doors of Dublin Central knocking, and talking, and closing the gates carefully beside them #RepealMemories
And it's not like we kept a list of the bad doors, because GDPR, but they burned themselves into our brains, meaning we know where you live😘
And to think that people could be as mean as to be unpleasant to a face as cheerful as this, but we all learned a lot from #Repeal #RepealMemories
It didn't matter what kinda crap you had just put up with, you through on the smile, carefully closed the gate and knocked on the next door/landmine #RepealMemories
But there was safety in numbers, double up the noobs with the experienced. See one; do one; teach one and all of a sudden ye were a canvass leader #RepealMemories
Come rain, and sun, but mostly rain and snow (storm Emma I'm still scalded by what you did to my wrist) we was out there, thanking you for the invitation to come into your home for a cup of tea, but not we had to keep up with the crew #LeaveNoWanBehing #RepealMemories
Even those who were puzzled by not only what was on the map, but seemingly by the very idea of maps, you had to be sure they weren't left stuck at a door #RepealMemories
Everyone got to count because every vote counted #RepealMemories
But night after night not only did the same faces keep coming back, more and more new friends were added #RepealMemories
Loitering on corners hadn't played as big a part in my life since I was about 15 #RepealMemories
Every night a new five minute spiel on how to be a canvasser, and how useful everyone was #RepealMemories
Making new friends, people who'd change your life, and the odd future TD's (back before they were famous) #RepealMemories
Into the Den of lions we went, Drumcondra, within spitting distance of the Bishops Palace, and the doses on Iona Road, spreading the good message to culchies up in Dublin for the match #RepealMemories
Even if you weren't going to listen we were determined to be hard to ignore #RepealMemories
With every exit and entrance covered we'd be getting through reams of literature quicker than T4Y could get it to us #RepealMemories
Like it was unreal there was so many of us starting uncomfortable conversations with GAA heads that it was like Coppers, if the roles were reversed #RepealMemories (also shout out to the @DBNRepeal crew)
Never underestimate a motley crew of hundreds of people who know what they want and are prepared to demand it of the world #RepealMemories
also good branding, it doesn't hurt #RepealMemories
It was round about then that the canvassing really began to kick off we'd moved from once a week, to three times a week, and then on to multiple locations eahc night of the week )(so if you're not in these photos, sorry, I only had one camera and one hand) #RepealMemories
We made the most of what we had #RepealMemories
And what we had was numbers, from all across the city people were coming, cutting their teeth on the doors of Dublin Central before heading back to their constituency veterans of the conflict #RepealMemories
And now it's time to get back to work after lunch, spam you more later, love you all, xx
Start back off again with the last of my videos - the payoff in time for editing it etc were not great, so this was the last of them. Also could look at the metrics and realised what spoofing the LoveBoats were up to. Doors don't knock themselves, doors mean votes #RepealMemories
Trying to take a photo of a big gang of people and not have it look like every other photo that I'd taken....

Still this photo was the best thing to come out of that shower up in Walnut, I used to hate getting a bad road, never mind a whole estate #RepealMemories
Still even in the bad spots there was more laughing than crying #RepealMemories
And the nights turned to weeks and then to months, familiar faces becoming friends, less familiar ones blurring into a maze of people I feel like I know and can't be sure. If I've blanked you in the last couple of years, I'm sorry! It's places not faces I remember #RepealMemories
There was heartbreak with the people who'd wake up in the morning to have posters in front of their windows calling them murderers. The spitting on the street. The threats. And the holy salt #RepealMemories
And those who'd been fighting for longer than some of us had been living #RepealMemories
But when unmanageably large crowds are your biggest problem what can you do? #RepealMemories
#RepealsOnWheels is what you do. Off to far flung places like Dunboyne, Dundalk, Balbriggan, Waterford we'd go. Places where you'd have no good reason to be but for repeal, hanging out with folk you'd never see otherwise #RepealMemories
And the struggling to plan what we should be doing next, and feeling like it was a movement, and feeling like we might still lose it #RepealMemories
And so we ended up doing a leaflet drop on all the homes in Dublin Central, in one scorching sunny Saturday of a bank holiday weekend. And kudos to them, the women on my team that day were mostly Scots who came and dropped the inner city flats with me #RepealMemories
Along with young felix who was a trooper, strong so he was, far beyond his years #RepealMemories
And then to NAAAAAAAAVan of all places, because we'd run out of doors to knock on at home we had to get buses and convoys of cars to go troll na Toibiní #RepealMemories
And on we powered each day and night untill we could knock no more, I think we'd about 150 people knocking on the last night, we all got to do about 2 or three doors each with a half hour walk in between each one #RepealMemories
Until at last all was done, but for the counting. I've always regretted the exit polls were done. As a nerd they're useful for the demographics, but as a Repealer the thought of getting those tallies in without knowing the result would have been unreal #RepealMemories
and with the counting done, in, around, between, and behind the assembled throng of the worlds media we declared the tally 76.5% in favour. With headroom over McLurk's 75% and-I'll-quit-politics-forever threshold #RepealMemories
From there it was to celebration #RepealMemories
And more celebrations #RepealMemories
but mostly joy. And pride. And relief #RepealMemories
But first a nap.

And then everything changed, for the better, life changed. Hard to feel those times were real, and yet today is so unreal too. Can't help wondering what the next referendum will be for #RepealMemories
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