Wait, @davidfrum @JoeNBC lmao at calling for a “sense of fairness” between two parties where Dems win in 2020?

You’re acting as if trump is the only problem in the GOP & that is a lie. A huge lie.

#NeverForget how Republicans spurred discrimination & disrespect since 2008
#NeverForget @senatemajldr & GOP PARTY denial of judge nominations for Obama including #MerrickGarland

#NeverForget GOP destroyed Constitutional DUTY & separation of power

#NeverForget YOUR Party DENIED & DESTROYED so many vital DEMOCRACY principles.

Republican calls for a “sense of fairness” between Parties when & where Democrats win is ludicrous. Republicans have ZERO legitimate right to speak about Party fairness.

Now Republicans call for fairness as they see the writing on the wall for November? #NeverForgetHypocrisy
#NeverForget more than 100,000 avoidable American deaths in 2020

Hold Republicans accountable.

#VoteBlue period!
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