15 active NFL players have been killed in action during wartime, 12 during World War II, two in Vietnam and one in Afghanistan. Let us remember them today:

Cpl. MIKE BASCA (Philadelphia Eagles, died in France, 1944)
Lt. CHARLIE BEHAN (Detroit Lions, died in Okinawa, 1945)
Corp. PAT TILLMAN (Arizona Cardinals, died in Afghanistan, 2004)
Maj. KEITH BIRLEM (Washington Redskins, died in England, 1943)
Lt. AL BLOZIS (New York Giants, died in France, 1945)
Capt. SMILEY JOHNSON (Green Bay Packers, died in Iwo Jima, 1945)
Sgt. ALEX KETZKO (Detroit Lions, died in France, 1945)
Lt. JACK LUMMUS (New York Giants, died in Iwo Jima, 1945)
Maj. DON STEINBRUNNER (Cleveland Browns, died in Vietnam, 1967)
Lt. LEN SUPULSKI (Philadelphia Eagles, died during training in Nebraska, 1944)
Lt. CHET WETTERLUND (Detroit Lions, died off coast of New Jersey in training, 1944)
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